Oasis Network Unveils Desert Owl Symbolizing Wisdom and Privacy Options

Oasis Network, a prominent platform that offers a Web3 privacy layer, has announced the release of the Desert Owl. The respective project will play the role of an option regarding the formal Oasis Mascot while the owl symbolizes knowledge. The firm took to its official account on the social media forum X. In its recent post, Oasis Network persuaded the consumers to vote between Desert Owl, Fennex Fox, as well as Capybara.

Introducing the desert owl, one option for the official Oasis Mascot!

A wise owl with scrolls in its claws, symbolizing the knowledge pioneered by the Oasis Network ✨

Vote between the capybara, desert owl, and fennec fox at https://t.co/hvHVWvg5oU

Learn about the owl: 🧵 pic.twitter.com/voNiXueDbM

— Oasis Network (@OasisProtocol) March 24, 2024

Oasis Network Releases the Desert Owl among Mascot Options Like Fennec Fox and Capybara

In addition to this, the company also provided some details about the title significance of the new project. It mentioned that the owl works as a symbol that deals with knowledge and wisdom. While providing details behind this, it disclosed that it was the emblem of the ancient Greek city “Athens. The respective city had a crucial importance among the prominent places in terms of wisdom.

Athens is considered a historical hub of philosophy as well as democracy. Moreover, the ancient city of Egypt is another noteworthy place among the places where the owl obtained huge praise. The company brought to the front that the people in Ancient Egypt honored the desert owl. Along with this, they were additionally mummified as a sign to express their respect.

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Furthermore, in its official post, the company also provided information regarding the other two options. In the case of the Capybara, the platform asserted that the rose-carrying capybara (as in the image) symbolizes interoperability. As per it, the respective option is linked to adaptability. It added that the animal has turned into an internet sensation over the recent few years.

The purpose of utilizing the image of a capybara is to express the enhanced connection and sociability for the users. The third option is a fennec fox that wears sunglasses. The company claimed that the respective animal symbolizes the platform’s privacy. Oasis Network also stated that this option also stands for protection as well as purity.

Users Can Vote Between These Options Till March 27

According to the firm, the Japanese people venerate fennec fox. They consider it a sacred animal hence it is often seen in hieroglyphics. Keeping in view all these 3 mascot options, the users can vote for any of them. The 27th of this month is the last date for the vote.

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