Theta EdgeCloud Will Extend Its Support To Upcoming 3D Rendering Tasks

EdgeCloud is scheduled to launch on May 1, 2024. The Theta team will leverage its experience in 3D 360 rendering to focus more on AI computing jobs. Moving forward, Theta Labs will upgrade its edge nodes worldwide to ensure that the versions align with development. It will better support 3D rendering test jobs. Participants are slated to receive rewards in TFUEL.

More plans are in the pipeline, focusing on taking the development forward. For instance, EdgeCloud aims to enable full 3D rendering and AI applications that utilize 3D. This includes the use of complex 3D visual effects for animations and movies. It will sport the reliability and scalability that media companies seek.

The development comes after Theta Labs announced its roadmap for 2024. It has been divided into two halves. The first half will feature the first release of EdgeCloud. It will see the launch of Elite+ Booster features on EEN, along with the introduction of a virtual management and operations dashboard. The second half will see the introduction of EdgeCloud 2, which will provide full decentralization of the Theta Video API for DRMm expanded TDROP use cases, as well as integrating Theta Web3 theater into ThetaDrop plus partner platforms. The third release of EdgeCloud will happen in the next year, 2025, and it will come loaded with the first hybrid cloud computing platform.

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