Dexalot Expands Trading Infrastructure with Central Limit Order Book DEX on Arbitrum

Dexalot, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) with a central limit order book (CLOB), has announced its launch on the Arbitrum network. This strategic move signifies Dexalot’s first step in broadening its ecosystem beyond the Avalanche platform. Dexalot currently operates its CLOB exchange on a dedicated application-specific chain, which was inaugurated in February 2023. By integrating with Arbitrum, Dexalot aims to introduce a plethora of advanced features to Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) users.

Dexalot’s CLOB stands out from conventional automated market maker (AMM) DEXes. It offers a trading experience more reminiscent of centralized exchanges (CEXes), allowing users to place limit orders at specific price points. This feature eliminates price slippage, thereby enhancing capital efficiency for traders. Moreover, Dexalot boasts transparent order visibility, competitive prices, and deep liquidity, all while maintaining gas fees at just a fraction of a penny.

Enhanced Features and Opportunities on Arbitrum

The introduction of Dexalot on Arbitrum will grant L2 users access to these unique features, many of which were previously unavailable on the network. Additionally, the platform will serve as a reliable launchpad for native tokens of Arbitrum-based projects. With all orders executed on-chain and devoid of custodial risk, Dexalot upholds the robust decentralization that is a hallmark of Arbitrum’s design.

Tim Shan, Chief Operating Officer of Dexalot, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are very excited to expand Dexalot’s multichain order book with commingled liquidity to the Arbitrum community. This is a major milestone for the Dexalot team, and we are very proud to achieve on Arbitrum.”

Peter Haymond, Senior Partnerships Manager at Arbitrum, echoed this sentiment, commenting, “Dexalot’s Central Limit Order Book on Arbitrum promises fairer pricing, deeper liquidity, and enhanced capital efficiency. Offering a centralized exchange-like experience will move DeFi closer to mass adoption.”

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Dexalot is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange that bridges the gap between the centralized exchange experience and decentralized on-chain applications. Its Central Limit Order Book DEX provides an inclusive and transparent trading environment where users can engage in crypto trading securely and efficiently, without encountering slippage or custody risks. Since its inception, Dexalot has processed over $1.1 billion in transaction volume.

The launch on Arbitrum is anticipated to significantly amplify these volumes, while simultaneously offering users a safer and more secure trading environment. This move is expected to solidify Arbitrum’s position as the leading L2 solution for advanced on-chain trading. Overall, it marks a significant advancement for both platforms, promising to reshape the landscape of decentralized trading and accelerate the adoption of advanced trading solutions in the DeFi ecosystem.

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