Everything You Need to Know About $BLOCK Airdrop Farming

There’s a new grind in town: BlockGames is launching a cross-chain token, $BLOCK, to power a players’ network that allows us to get rewarded for playing games. You can grind for it by playing games and posting about the token—and powerful multipliers are available for folks with big Twitter accounts, as well as holders of their dice NFTs.

Like many of us, our reporter was heartily annoyed by all the $PORTAL farming on Crypto Twitter in 2023, but nobody can deny that allocations of these sorts of tokens can be very valuable. $PORTAL allocations have been going for steep prices in presale markets.

Here’s an overview of BlockGames and $BLOCK, and a few tips and tricks for maximizing your allocation.

What is BlockGames?

BlockGames aims to sell game developers the data that we generate as players and compensate us with $BLOCK. Developers of games—particularly mobile games with advertising and in-game purchases—can learn a lot from what we tap, how long we play, what we buy, and what ads we watch. Usually, if we’re playing games on our phones, we’re generating this data for free—but BlockGames promises to pay us for it.

This is good for players, as we get compensated for playing games—and it’s good for developers, who can optimize what they’re building and rapidly scale up the size of their player bases by joining Block’s network and reaching an eager audience who are ready to play for $BLOCK.

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How to Farm $BLOCK

There are multiple ways to amass an allocation of $BLOCK, received once the token launches (the timing of this is, as yet, unknown).

One way is by holding one or more BlockGames Dice; these were a free mint in September 2023 and are currently trading on secondary at .73 ETH—a strong sign of the market’s hopes for $BLOCK.

Every Dice you hold gets you 1000 points per week, according to BlockGames’ progressive web app. (The BlockGames app is also available as a standalone app for Android.) If you don’t sell or transfer your Dice in a given week, you’ll receive 1000 points the following week.

A major advantage of holding Dice is that your token allocation will vest instantly upon receipt, meaning you can sell it all immediately. Dice holders also get access to an upcoming $BLOCK presale—with favorable terms—and can give away three lucky rolls (waitlist access to this presale) to friends. Lucky rolls are also awarded to people for playing games and engaging in the project Discord.

Another way to earn points is to play games affiliated with BlockGames. There is a wide variety of games to play, including gambling, tower defense, shooting, and casual RPGs. The games available vary based on your region, and all involve opportunities to buy in-game items (for fiat) or be rewarded for watching video advertisements (which are often for other games).

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You’ll get points in the BlockGames app for completing in-game challenges—like getting to A certain level in a particular game. You can play as few or as many games as you like: our reporter is grinding My Gym, by Tatem Games, a development house based in Cyprus and Ukraine. It’s a resource management casual game where you build your fitness empire, including a fancy gym and a juice bar.

Boosting Your Points

Playing games, onboarding your friends to BlockGames using your referral code, and being an early adopter of BlockGames’ app will affect your “pace” score, which will give you multipliers on your accrued points when it’s time to drop $BLOCK. Completing challenges in games, participating in contests organized by BlockGames, and connecting your wallet and socials also improves your pace.

Another bonus from playing games is you can be awarded tickets, which can be used to participate in contests, including drawings for Dice and cash prizes. You can also exchange points for tickets directly.

The most important thing you can do, of course, is tweet about $BLOCK, mentioning the token and the project’s Twitter account (@GetBlockGames). You’ll get a double multiplier on these tweets if your account has more than 10,000 followers—and this increases as your follower count goes up, topping out at a 10x multiplier for 100,000 or more followers.

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The number of impressions (views) of your farming tweets matters, so one great solution is to follow the accounts of big $BLOCK farmers and post your own $BLOCK replies to their farm tweets. This helps maximize rewards for you and your favorite grindfluencer! Jeremy and Alex, for example, are grinding their hearts out—to great effect.

To get set up on BlockGames, you’ll need a mobile phone, a Twitter account, and an Ethereum wallet. If you want to help out a friend who’s grinding, use their invite code to sign up—but you don’t need one to get started. Their boisterous discord is also quite helpful if you’re having technical issues with their app.

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