DOMANI connects with Chainlink CCIP, and price feeds

DOMANI adopts Chainlink CCIP and price feeds to initiate cross-chain bridging of their DEXTF token, allow calculated transformations, and exhibit USD value balances. Chainlink will be responsible for releasing institutional use cases for their protocol.

DOMANI, on its part, is an assets-controlling protocol that strengthens an individual’s capacity for minting, trading, retrieving, and offering liquidity on non-custodial tokenized collectibles. Its framework allows the building of online conventional funds. DOMANI is known to serve the prime banking sector and financial bodies as an online asset-controlling framework offeror.

The company is honing in on CCIP due to its high-end safety and dependability factor in the Web3 space. Additionally, CCIP supports the risk management network, which constantly tracks and authenticates cross-chain functions regarding threat perceptions.

Chainlink CCIP offers various advantages, including defense safety aspects, programmable and convenient token shiftings, and smooth adoptions.

According to DOMANI CEO Nicola Lanteri, connecting with Chainlink CCIP and price feeds was a priority issue for positioning the company as a prime player in digital asset control.

DOMANI required the availability of new asset pricing, which is offered on-chain. For this, an Oracle network was the need of the hour for bringing collective price data off-chain and shifting it on-chain for their applications.

For the company, in terms of Oracle services, Chainlink price feeds were ideal due to their standard data, safe node operators, decentralized network, and total clarity.

DOMANI is an asset-controlling business meant for DeFi and offers the option to mint, trade, retrieve, and for liquidity about non-custodial oracles lacking tokenized collectibles.

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Chainlink is the benchmark for decentralized computing platforms boosting the authenticable web. It is responsible for carrying out large volumes of transactions by offering real-time data, off-chain computation, and safe cross-chain interoperability to financial bodies, startups, and builders throughout every blockchain.

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