Avalon Finance Partners with Core DAO to Expand Bitcoin DeFi

Avalon Finance, a well-known Bitcoin DeFi platform adding massive funds to decentralized finance, has initiated a new integration. The company is reportedly integrating with Core DAO (a Bitcoin-driven EVM-compatible blockchain) to expand the Bitcoin DeFi. Core DAO disclosed the news of this integration on its official X account.

.@avalonfinance_ integrates with Core!

Another step towards the expansion of BTCfi 🔶🔓🟧

Explore more about this integration👇 https://t.co/E5G9pHfvKO

— Core DAO 🔶 (@Coredao_Org) June 13, 2024

Avalon Finance’s New Integration with Core DAO Targets the Expansion of Bitcoin DeFi

In addition to the announcement, the platform shared a blog post on the social media platform to offer insights. It noted that Avalon Finance operates as a decentralized protocol and the new integration targets to expand Bitcoin DeFi. It added that the initiative combines the features of both companies. In this respect, it leverages the cutting-edge financial solutions of Avalon Finance and the resilient blockchain infrastructure of Core.

Avalon reportedly aims at the establishment of the biggest Bitcoin lending forum across the entirety of ecosystems. Additionally, it drives enormous value to decentralized finance along with bringing more consumers. Avalon runs a cross-chain lending platform and has obtained more than $300M in total value locked apart from above 20,000 clients. The company possesses 3 chief features to improve the user experience and functionality.

The Development Increases Security, Liquidity, Yield Opportunities, and Capital Efficiency

One of them is overcollateralized lending with its foundational lending protocol. It comprises an isolation pool apparatus that backs a broad asset range. They take into account the prominent crypto assets as well as the less liquid tokens for collateral. The 2nd feature takes into account the lending-based algorithmic stablecoin. It takes benefits from the lending protocol and enhances capital efficiency to facilitate consumers.

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The 3rd feature denotes RWA lending with the platform’s advanced lending protocol. In terms of its structure, it deals with both permissionless as well as permissioned real-world assets. The lending protocol reportedly aims at maximizing yield farming and capital efficiency. The integration lets Avalon Finance expand the BTC DeFi ecosystem with the provision of 4 improvements.

It improves security by using Core’s consensus mechanism “Satoshi Plus.” Moreover, it enables unparalleled BTC integration into DeFi goods for Avalon Finance with the resilient infrastructure that Core provides. Apart from that, it offers improved accessibility with the EVM compatibility of Core. Furthermore, it unlocks the potential of Bitcoin with vast liquidity and additional opportunities to get yields.

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