Leading ‘move and earn’ platform STEPN unveils new app, gaming token

FSL, a leading force in the gaming sector, has announced the launch of STEPN GO, an app that turns everyday movements like walking, jogging, and running into rewarding experiences.

STEPN GO encourages users to stay active by rewarding them with a currency called the GO Gaming Token (GGT) for their physical activities. Additionally, the app introduces an aspect where users can earn another currency, the GMT by engaging in player versus player (PvP) challenges.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the STEPN app launched in 2021, and quickly gained traction in the emerging ‘Move and Earn’ sector of web3 fitness apps. STEPN GO aims to take this concept to heights. The initial app boasts a user base of over 5.6 million, and over 1 million Sneaker NFTs.

In response to user feedback STEPN GO incorporates several community-suggested enhancements. These improvements include the “Haus System,” which allows users to lend their Sneaker NFTs to friends and family so they can also benefit from earnings.

Another noteworthy addition is the ‘Interactive Map,’ which enhances user interaction by encouraging connections, between players for adding friends and exchanging messages during app activities.

The debut of the Alpha Version of STEPN GO is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. During this launch period there will be a Sneaker NFT Alpha Prize Draw where 3,000 digital sneakers will be given out to individuals who pledge their GMT tokens. Only FSL ID holders are eligible to participate in this event.

“Introducing STEPN GO means making the web3 space accessible to novices without the hurdles of wallet setups or initial NFT purchases, thereby making the pursuit of fitness both enjoyable and rewarding,” stated Jerry Huang, a Co-Founder of FSL, emphasizing the user-friendly nature of STEPN GO.

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