Bybit launches Smart Leverage for no liquidation & more benefits

Bybit recently launched Smart Leverage to offer trading benefits to users. According to Bybit’s latest post, the product has been designed to facilitate smart trading for amplified gains.

The non-principal-protected structured product can help traders navigate market volatility. Smart Leverage allows users to place directional wagers with high leverage with minimal risk of liquidation before settlement.

The product can offer up to 200 times leverage on selected tokens. It is beneficial for users inclined to employ high leverage during quick price reversals. According to the latest Bybit exchange review, Smart Leverage will bring benefits, such as:

  • Up to 200x leverage
  • No liquidation risk before settlement
  • Early redemption before settlement
  • Maximum profit with contained risk

Here is an overview of how the Profit and Loss scenarios will work for Smart Leverage:

Bybit has set up a Help Center to resolve common user queries. Moreover, the platform will share the latest updates on its social media handles to keep everyone up-to-date.

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