Kana Labs Widget Enables Seamless Cross-Chain Token Swaps on Liquid Swap

Liquid Swap, the Aptos blockchain-based AMM that operates under Pontem Network, has integrated Kana Labs. The integration with the company, which offers smart wallet solutions for account abstraction and cross-chain operations, benefits Liquid Swap with the ability to swap between EVM and non-EVM platforms.

Liquid Swap Integration with Kana Labs Widget Allows Token Swap between EVMs and Non-EVMs

In its recent blog post, Kana Labs disclosed that Liquid Swap has integrated its “Kana Widget.” Pontem Network’s Liquid Swap operates as a prominent DeFi forum that provides its services on Aptos. It offers several services such as yield farming, staking, liquidity pools, and AMM DEX. These things help the layer-1 ecosystem adoption of Aptos with the blockchain infrastructure and dApps of the Move platform.

The DeFi ecosystem of Pontem Network additionally comprises a couple of other well-known products. They are Lumio (a VM layer 2 chain on Move) and Pontem Wallet (a self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet). The aforementioned widget works as a plug-and-play instrument. It permits the DeFi entities to get instant cross-chain capabilities. A cutting-edge bridge aggregator and cross-chain liquidity power the respective tool.

The Users Can Swap Between Solana, Aptos, and Ethereum Ecosystems with the Integration

Following the accomplishment of this integration with Liquid Swap, consumers will be able to perform diverse token swaps. In this respect, they can swap crypto tokens between Solana, Aptos, and Ethereum ecosystems. The token swaps across the chains would usually prompt a consumer to transfer utilizing a centralized exchange. Otherwise, they would need more than one swap across diverse DEXs.

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This entire process is time-consuming and incurs huge gas fees while switching between diverse bridges and DEXs. In such a situation, the widget of Kana Labs lets the developers straightly link their entity to the platform’s AMM Swap aggregator. It is reportedly driven by Kana Labs’ cross-chain decentralized exchange as well as bridge aggregator mechanism.

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