Coinbase Adds a New Altcoin to Its Roadmap to List

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase stated in its statement that it added the Arkham (ARKM) altcoin to its roadmap to evaluate it for listing.

Arkham is used to de-anonymize cryptocurrency wallet addresses and identify who owns them, how much and what assets they have, and what transactions they have performed.

ARKM altcoin was launched in July 2023 as a Launchpad project of Binance.

However, due to the anonymity-oriented nature of the cryptocurrency world, a certain segment of the crypto community is not keen on the Arkham platform.

Coinbase’s roadmap program first evaluates the altcoins that can be listed here, but does not offer a listing guarantee. In the latest development today, Akash Network (AKT), which is on Coinbase’s road map, managed to be listed on the stock exchange.

Graph showing the fluctuation in ARKM price after its addition to the roadmap.

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