Play and Earn with Dimension X Arenas

Arenas have arrived in Dimension X, bringing with them a chance for players to compete in evenly matched bouts for special prizes which could include crafting materials, power tokens, or even blockchain tokens!

Dimension X is free to play, so there is no barrier preventing you from jumping in and trying out their new arena mode. In fact, everyone has access to the same hero pool in arena competitions, so it doesn’t even matter if you are a brand new player!

Joining Arena quests is free. Just look for the quest with the arena icon with the X on it. Once you join, you recruit your team, place your heroes, and then wait for the results.

And while you’re waiting for the arena results, you might as well join in on some other quests! Quests in Dimension X are competitions with other players. Each quest has a time limit and a leaderboard. When the quest timer runs out, players are rewarded based on their placement on the leaderboard for that quest. Rewards are given based on overall placement, and percentage placement (ie, you get an extra reward for placing in the top 10% of players in regards to damage done). Some quests even give out rewards to all of the participants!

Players earn experience, faction points, and various resources when completing quests. This includes THUL tokens, used for minting new heroes, and Tech tokens, used to upgrade Hero powers.

Dimension X is free to play. And you can choose to play on either the Flow or the main Ethereum network. On the Flow network, you will need is a Dapper account, which can be easily set up with an Apple or Google login, or with an email address. The Ethereum side works with Metamask.

Dimension X screenshotDimension X screenshot
a quest battle in progress

What is Dimension X?

Dimension X is a web-based strategy game that sees players setting up teams of heroes, to fight against fearsome creatures. Players assemble their teams, trying to generate the best damage combination possible and earn a spot on the quest leaderboard. Players can claim rewards based on their placement during these quest challenges.

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New players start with a selection of free Heroes and can find more as they play. Heroes can only be active on one quest at a time. So checking in regularly and building a large stable of heroes will help you progress faster.

Players can earn resources, faction points, tokens, and hero experience from quests. That can also find and craft gear. Gear is bound to a hero once equipped. But it can be overwritten with new items. At the end of the season, all items and materials are deleted, but Heroes retain legacy bonuses from any equipped items as permanent enhancements to the character. This allows players to continue to grow their character power between seasons, even with item wipes!

And for those who want that extra edge, you can buy NFT heroes on both the Flow and Ethereum chains. NFT owners will need to stake their NFTs in order to use them in-game, though they can be unstaked at any time.

With character abilities, powers, affinities, gears, factions, linked squares, and more, Dimension X has plenty of room for strategic decision making and planning.

To learn more about Dimension X, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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