Arkham Intelligence Joins Forces with Mantle Network, Supporting Its L2

Arkham Intelligence, a prominent crypto analytics forum, has announced a new collaboration. As per the company, it is partnering with Mantle Network (an L2 tech stack to scale Ethereum) to provide support for its Ethereum L2. The platform disclosed this development on its official account on the social media platform X.

Announcing Arkham x Mantle!

We’re teaming up with @0xMantle to add support for their Ethereum L2 on our platform.

Excited to be working with @gametheorizing, @Defi_Maestro, @0xGabe_, and the rest of the Mantle Team to bring our data and tooling to their ecosystem.

Stay tuned…

— Arkham (@ArkhamIntel) June 19, 2024

Arkham Intelligence and Mantle Network Partner up

In addition to this, Arkham also shared a comprehensive blog post detailing the latest partnership. The platform mentioned that Mantle’s L2 has made a significant development since its mainnet launch. In this respect, the platform has gained up to 3.5M new addresses. At present, it occupies the 6th position among the biggest scaling solutions on Ethereum. Additionally, it has a total value locked of more than $1.2 billion.

Apart from that, it also hosts a wide-ranging DeFi ecosystem that Mantle-native lending protocols and DEX drive. The respective lending protocols take into account Agni Finance, INIT Finance, Merchant Moe, and so on. Mantle consumers will shortly be permitted to use Arkham to examine DeFi transfers, filter transactions, and set alerts in real time. The respective development will reportedly facilitate the users to a great extent.

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Along with that, the interoperability between the two entities will also get a huge boost with this endeavor. The exclusive integration also allows the consumers on Arkham to utilize all the instruments that the platform provides. In this respect, Arkham users can analyze the accounts, fund flows, as well as other activities. They can carry out these things with the Arkham tools on Mantle Network.

The Development Lets Mantle Users Use Arkham Tools for Crucial Purposes

Moreover, the consumers can also see balances across chains for Mantle Network-based wallets. These wallets may contain assets on any of the other supported twelve EVM chains. Likewise, the clients of Mantle Network will also have permission to leverage the resilient tooling of Arkham. They will be allowed to use Dashboards, Alerts, Tracer, and Visualizer features of Arkham on their platform.

This takes place for the first time. Arkham expressed its enthusiasm regarding this initiative. It added that both entities share a combined vision. They mutually focus on enhanced literacy, accessibility, and transparency in the case of on-chain data. Thus, with this collaboration, both firms intend to translate this vision into reality in the case of the Mantle Ecosystem.

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