All Eyes on Art: Upcoming Collections for April 15 — 21

When you consider just how quickly things move in the metaverse, it’s a wonder that anyone can keep up with all the news and product launches, let alone the constant influx of incredible artwork. 

All things considered, it raises an important question: how can you efficiently discover the best upcoming art collections?

For the answer, look no further! I’ve scoured the metaverse to uncover the drops you simply can’t afford to overlook so you can focus on elevating your collection instead of endlessly scrolling through X and Discord.

In this week’s curated “All Eyes on Art” Collector’s Digest, I’ll give you a leg up in your search for the premier works debuting on Bitcoin Ordinals, Ethereum, and Solana. Here’s what to look out for this week.

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Inscription 0 – Unveiled by Whitters, Circuit City by DrCrypto (aka Michael Hirsch PhD), The Revenant by Travis Leroy Southworth, Manufactured by Lemonhaze, and Autoscope by Erik Swahn.

Art Minting This Week

Inscription 0 – Unveiled by Whitters

  • Date: Monday, April 15th
  • Launchpad: Gamma (Prints) Supply: TBD
  • Format: Public Sale (Live now!)
  • Price: ~$10 + Fees
  • More Info: This derivative of The Veiled Virgin has a QR code superimposed to activate the AR layer. The background was taken from the Miami Mural Whitters completed during Art Basel in 2024. You can collect this piece until Thursday, April 18th.

Hitomebore by Wren

  • Date: Monday, April 15th
  • Launchpad: Foundation
  • Supply: 120
  • Format: Public Sale (Live now!)
  • Price: 0.035 ETH
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Viva La Vida by Yuma Sogo

  • Date: Monday, April 15th
  • Launchpad: Foundation (Base)
  • Supply: 65
  • Format: Public Sale (Live Now!)
  • Price: 0.008 ETH


  • Date: Monday, April 15th
  • Launchpad: Ninfa
  • Supply: 1 of 1 of 50
  • Format: Auction @ 1pm ET
  • Reserve Price: 0.69 ETH
  • More Info: Holders will receive a percentage of all sales of the upcoming artworks from the NEXUS ANIMA series. The characters will all be featured in upcoming, larger scenes and will include 1/1s and Editions.

Rules of the Game by Michael Neff

  • Date: Monday, April 15th
  • Launchpad: TENDER x Verse
  • Supply: 50
  • Format: 24H Rebate Auction @ 2 pm ET
  • Price: 0 ETH (No Reserve)


  • Date: Tuesday, April 16th
  • Platform: Magic Eden
  • Supply: 544
  • Phase: Guaranteed AL @ 11am ET
  • Phase: FCFS @ 1 pm ET
  • Phase: Public @ 2 pm ET
  • Price: 0.012 BTC
  • More Info: This collection takes on the challenge of further bringing ThankYouX’s art to life by giving new feeling to each brushstroke through a macro perspective.

Skull Kitties by Sabet

  • Date: Tuesday, April 16th
  • Launchpad: Gamma
  • Supply: 5,000
  • Phase: Guaranteed AL @ 1 pm ET
  • Phase: FCFS @ 9 pm ET
  • Phase: Public @ 1am ET (4/12)
  • Price: ~$85 + Fees
  • More Info: Part of Sabet’s Tokyo Punks series, Skull Kitties will feature 4,850 Generated Kitties and 150 Hand-Drawn 1 of 1s. All who have filled out the Sabet Fam Form and the Skull Key Holders Form will be guaranteed to mint 2 Skull Kitties. Sabet BTC Edition Holders on Gamma & Sabet Counterfeit Card holders are automatically GTD; no forms are needed. Allowlisted Communities for the FCFS phase include RuneStone, 0N1 Force, Ordinaut, OMB, Puppets, and Counterfeit Culture.

Circuit City by Dr Crypto

  • Date: Tuesday, April 16th
  • Platform: Gamma
  • Supply: 111
  • Phase: Friends & Family @ 2pm ET
  • Price: 0.004 BTC
  • Phase: Art Ecosystem @ 4:20 pm ET
  • Price: 0.005 BTC
  • Phase: Public Sale @ 7 pm (or 8 pm) ET
  • Price: 0.006 BTC
  • More Info: In his BTC Genesis series – Circuit City: A Blueprint for Tomorrow – DrCrypto (aka Michael Frisch, PhD) uniquely merges the concepts of quantum computing and digital art to reimagine urban landscapes through the aesthetic of circuit boards.The number 111 is not just a figure but holds a deep connection to the theme of quantum computing within this collection. Holders of two or more pieces as of April 20th, 2024 at 1:00 PM EST will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a 1/1 signed physical print of your “Circuit City” artwork.

Encircling the Yin-Yang by Ivan Dianov

  • Date: Tuesday, April 16th
  • Platform: Gamma
  • Supply: 256
  • Phase: Public @ 12pm ET
  • Price: 0.003 BTC
  • More Info: In this generative art project, each sphere acts as a canvas for an ever-changing and dynamic depiction of the substance that surrounds and emanates from this foundational duality. The substance surrounding the yin and yang is portrayed as a constantly shifting and flowing energy that encapsulates the duality of existence. It embodies the core principles of yin and yang, such as balance, interdependence, and the cyclical nature of life. As the artwork progresses, one will witness the interplay of light and darkness, softness and hardness, and tranquility and chaos, all symbolizing the inherent dualities that underlie the universe.

PAPERS by Sert

  • Date: Tuesday, April 16th
  • Platform: Gamma
  • Supply: 640
  • Phase: Allowlist @ 11 am ET
  • Price: 0.0015 BTC
  • Phase: Public @ 3 pm ET
  • Price: 0.0024 BTC
  • More Info: The work celebrates the halving with a collection that blends various graphic styles to pay homage to the Bitcoin whitepaper. Each artwork will be generated using the hash of Block 840,000.

Clay Force by Brrrbon

  • Date: Tuesday, April 16th
  • Platform: Ordinals Bot
  • Supply: 10,000
  • Phase: 4H CC Holders @ 3 pm ET
  • Phase: Public 1-2 Hours After AL
  • Price: Free + Fees
  • More Info: 7 Handmade Clay Characters will make their way on-chain.

The Revenant by Travis LeRoy Southworth

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17th
  • Platform: Gamma Supply: 476
  • Format: Dutch Auction @ 5:30 pm ET
  • Starting Price: 0.05 BTC
  • Resting Price: 0 BTC
  • More Info: A collection of 476 GIFs that tell a story about Bitcoin, Death, and Digital Art. The Revenant is a metadata rich series. For example each artwork title is sourced from text and headlines taken from news outlets that prematurely announced bitcoin’s downfall.The Dutch Auction will drop by 0.0015 BTC every 5 minutes, and has no resting price.

Manufactured by Lemonhaze

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17th
  • Platform: Singular Art
  • Supply: 420
  • Phase: T1 Holders @ ~6 am ET
  • Price: Free Mint
  • Phase: T2 Holders @ ~10 am ET
  • Price: 0.0021 BTC
  • Phase: Allowlist @ ~2 pm ET
  • Phase: Public @ ~6 pm ET
  • Price: 0.0042 BTC
  • More Info: Manufactured is already fully inscribed. Collectors will not have to pay to inscribe a work, and high fees leading up to the halving will not prevent its release.

Halving Homecoming: Presented by Gamma

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17th
  • Platform: Gamma
  • Supply: Determined After 24H
  • Phase: 24H Timed OE @ Mid-Morning ET
  • Price: 21K Sats + Fees
  • More Info: In celebration of the Bitcoin Halving, Gamma has an extra special event in store that will debut 4 Artists on Bitcoin! For 24 Hours, collectors will have the opportunity to collect works from @dave_van_patten, @tiffatronn, @GiulioAprin, and @axstonee. If you collect all four pieces, you’ll be airdropped an Event Exclusive Print by @Sir_Gadfly. Worth noting, this is NOT the only surprise Gamma has in store this week, so it is highly recommended that you turn notifications on for their account and mine.

Bitwinks by Pixlit

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17th
  • Platform: Inscribe Now
  • Supply: 7,777
  • Phase: GTD Allowlist @ ~3 pm ET
  • Price: 0.00077 BTC
  • Phase: Public Sale @ Time TBA
  • Price: 0.00123 BTC

Resting Place for Wild Pigeons by Juhani Halkomäki

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17th
  • Platform: Alba(dot)Art
  • Supply: 200
  • Format: Public @ 1 pm ET
  • Price: 0.01 ETH
  • More Info: This collection is part of Alba’s next Group Show – Let It Flow – in partnership with Dawn Contemporary Gallery.

Masters of the Metaverse by Mr. Richi

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17th
  • Launchpad: Magic Eden
  • Supply: 1 of 1 of 1000
  • Phase: Allowlist Pre-sale
  • Price: 0.6 SOL
  • Phase: Public @ 1:20 pm ET
  • Price: 0.9 SOL

ordAR by Whitters

  • Date: Thursday, April 18th (Likely)
  • Launchpad: Magic Eden
  • Supply: 69
  • Format: Multiple Auctions
  • Starting Price: TBA
  • More Info: Each ordAR inscription is AR-rigged, and some will have token gated AR interactions. Whitters’ collectors on ETH – who burn select works will be able to claim a free ordAR, but she will also be raffling 5 pieces to collectors of her Gamma Print (available until . To sell the remainder of the collection, she will be holding auctions with the goal being to let people pursue the pieces they want, similar to the process of purchasing traditional art.

Stained Glass by Slander

  • Date: Thursday, April 18th
  • Platform: (on Base)
  • Supply: 1,818
  • Phase: Holders AL @ Time TBA
  • Price: Free Mint
  • Phase: Collabs @ Time TBA
  • Price: 0.018 ETH
  • Phase: Public @ Time TBA
  • Price: 0.024 ETH

Forevery by Nathaniel Stern

  • Date: Thursday, April 18th
  • Platform: Prohibition Art (Base)
  • Supply: 1,440
  • Phase: Public Sale @ 12 pm ET
  • Price: 0.007 ETH

Dots by Arrotu

  • Date: Thursday, April 18th
  • Platform: (on Base)
  • Supply: 512
  • Phase: Holders AL @ Time TBA
  • Phase: Public @ Time TBA
  • Price: 0.01 ETH

A Bright Spring Day by Grant Yun

  • Date: Thursday, April 18th
  • Launchpad: Exchange Art
  • Supply: 250 Phase: Raffle AL @ 11 am ET
  • Phase: TBA @ Time TBA
  • Price: TBA

Autoscope by Erik Swahn

  • Date: Friday, April 19th
  • Platform: Verse Works
  • Supply: 360
  • Format: Public Sale @ 1 pm ET
  • Price: $160

Bright Moments: Venice Finale

Date: Saturday, April 20th

Launchpad: Bright Moments

Supply: 1,000

More Info: Over 60+ featured artists, including Claire Silver, Deafbeef, Juan Rodriguez Garcia, Iskra Velitchkova, Shunsuke Takawo, and Zach Lieberman.

Thanks for checking out All Eyes on Art! I curate this comprehensive yet selective digest of upcoming collections to keep you informed week in and week out. If you’d like to see more color in your X feed, I share a 30-day outlook version of this Collector’s Digest every Monday and my Discover Art series every Thursday.

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