SPACE ID Partners with CyberConnect to Revolutionize Social Engagement

In a notable development in the world of crypto, SPACE ID has partnered with CyberConnect. SPACE ID is excited to popularize a revolutionary modular Layer 2 platform that innovates the way people can engage socially and contribute to on-chain mass adoption. The partnership will have a significant impact on the development of the decentralized world.

📢 Teaming up with @CyberConnectHQ to transform social experiences & drive Web3 adoption!

Read on for Partnership and Ecosystem Airdrop details 👀

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— SPACE ID (@SpaceIDProtocol) April 4, 2024

SPACE ID Backs Cyber L2 for Enhanced On-Chain Transactions

Firstly, the migration of CyberID to the SPACE ID 3.0 Stack marks a pivotal step in enhancing interoperability within decentralized networks. This move aims to streamline Decentralized Digital Identity (DID) and Web3 name services. In addition to above, it will ensure seamless interaction across platforms. By integrating CyberID into the broader SPACE ID Web3 Name Ecosystem, users will benefit from improved functionality and expanded capabilities. Existing CyberID NFTs will be seamlessly migrated to Cyber L2.

Secondly, SPACE ID is committed to supporting Cyber L2’s scalable future. It also recognizes its potential to deliver faster and more cost-effective on-chain transactions. By integrating Cyber L2 into its platform, SPACE ID aims to simplify processes related to minting, trading, and managing domain NFTs. Moreover, this integration will also facilitate the development of social applications leveraging CyberID, CyberGraph, and CyberAccount. For better user experience, it empowers users with unique and self-sovereign identities on-chain. With Cyber L2, SPACE ID is going to provide a seamless and efficient user experience. This significant step will drive greater adoption of decentralized technologies.

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SPACE ID Announces Ecosystem Airdrop to Celebrate Cyber Partnership

Furthermore, to launch the partnership between SPACE ID and Cyber with a generous token placement and thanks to Cyber’s early backers, SPACE ID is announcing an ecosystem airdrop. CyberID accounts eligible for distribution of $CYBER and its stakers will be allocated $ID. Moreover, SPACE ID Premier Club members will receive a certain amount of $CYBER tokens. This step ensures community engagement in the project. The search for rewarding participation members will make sure SPACE ID’s intention to build a living community.

Lastly, the partnership between SPACE ID and Cyber is a significant step towards the decentralized technology evolution. Therefore, considering the focus on interoperability, scale, and rewarding project participants, this partnership should be successful. As the partnership continues to evolve, users should aware of news developments in this exciting journey towards a more decentralized future.

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