Saakuru Labs and Aethir Partner to Revolutionize Gaming

Saakuru Labs, a high-speed EVM-compatible L2 blockchain, has initiated a collaboration. As per the platform it is partnering with Aethir, a platform that provides infrastructure for cloud computing, to advance blockchain gaming by using Distributed GPU Infrastructure. This partnership intends to significantly improve the gaming sector. For this, it focuses on unveiling the resilient cloud server of Aethir for developers on Saakuru.

Saakuru Labs Collaborate with Aethir to Enhance Blockchain Gaming Experience

To provide the details of the collaboration, the platform shared a blog post on Medium. The respective development will reportedly improve the user experience, development, and performance of the blockchain games on Saakuru’s ecosystem. While giving insights into the project, the platform disclosed the cooperation between the Saakuru Labs as well as the game developers.

The company added that both parties are building on Sakuru Protocol’s top to leverage the cutting-edge edge technology. The platform will reportedly benefit from its collaborator’s decentralized servers for cloud gaming. They boost the capabilities of the developers working within the ecosystem of Saakuru. As a result of this, the developers can host and develop more complicated and graphically comprehensive games.

With the use of the distributed graphical processing unit infrastructure of Aethir, the developers can deal with conventional hardware limitations. This enables the players to experience high-end gaming straight from their devices. In this respect, they will be able to bypass the individual device restrictions. The partnership specifically plays a crucial role in Saakuru’s further progress.

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This move indicates Saakuru’s dedication to offering infrastructure for enormous blockchain games. These games feature super-fast transfers along with low latency. Hence, this combination contributes a lot to support concepts such as completely on-chain games. This enables real-time interactions and high performance which were formerly difficult to achieve because of technological limitations.

The Joint Endeavor Sets the Stage for More Cutting-Edge Developments in the Gaming Sector

The joint effort of both entities is likely going to set a unique standard concerning blockchain gaming. The respective infrastructure supports the present demands of complicated gaming projects. Apart from that, it also leads to further advancements that could revolutionize the gaming sector. The strategic collaboration denotes a landmark in the mission of Saakuru Labs to increase global audience, scalability, and accessibility for blockchain gaming.

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