Mad Dog Jones’ Drops Stellar New NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway

INVNT GROUP unveils an electrifying collaboration with renowned artist Michah Dowbak, popularly known as ‘Mad Dog Jones,’ presenting his latest NFT collection titled “Fallen Gravity.”

Powered by INVNT.ATOM, INVNT GROUP’s digital innovation and Web3 agency, this collection, available exclusively on Nifty Gateway, promises collectors an immersive experience inspired by space and the enigmatic cosmos. The artwork transcends conventional boundaries, offering animated artworks, prints, and NFTs, with one drop featuring embedded Star Songs curated by Artemis Music Entertainment and destined for space alongside personalized messages.

Reflecting on his inspiration, Mad Dog Jones shares, “Fallen Gravity encapsulates the essence of venturing into the unknown, blending scientific prowess with human fervor.”
“Each piece embodies a timeless wonder, echoing dreams of exploration and discovery.”

Mad Dog Jones
The collection’s release schedule unfolds in three distinct drops, each offering collectors an array of exclusive artworks and experiences.

The final drop, “Unknowable Dimensions,” stands out, granting 500 fortunate collectors the rare chance to mint a unique NFT embedded with a celestial Star Song, capturing the ethereal music of cosmic landscapes. Crafted using data sonification algorithms, these Star Songs originate from 500 telemetry coordinates spanning the International Space Station’s orbital journey from 1998 to its projected decommissioning in 2030.

Each NFT features a snapshot of the sky mapped to a specific time, date, and location, honoring the ISS’s legacy and the marvels of space exploration. “This collection epitomizes the limitless possibilities of modern storytelling,” remarks Scott Cullather, President & CEO of INVNT GROUP and CEO of INVNT.ATOM.
“Through art, music, and technology, we embark on a journey of discovery, offering collectors a chance to leave their mark on the cosmos. This convergence of creativity and innovation propels us into a future brimming with possibilities.”

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Scott Cullather, President & CEO of INVNT GROUP
The Fallen Gravity collection debuts on April 3rd at NFT NYC’s Main Stage, promising an enthralling discussion on the intersection of storytelling, blockchain, and the exploration of new frontiers.

The NFT Collection Will Drop as Follows:

Open Edition – $199USD
1x Animated Artwork + 1x Embroidered Mission Patch
Available from Wed April 3 2.05PM ET – Tuesday 9 April 10AM ET
Open Edition – for Mad Dog Jones Forever Mart Collection Holders only
1x Animated Artwork
Limited 24 hours to redeem via Burn/Redeem on the Manifold App
Available Monday April 8 12PM ET – Tuesday April 9 11.59ET
Limited Edition of 1000 Pieces – $499USD
1x Animated Artwork + 1x A2 HD Print
Presale on Tuesday April 9 11AM EDT – 11.59AM EDT
General sale Tuesday April 9 12PM ET – Wednesday April 10 11.59AM ET
Limited Edition of 500 Pieces – $999USD
1x Animated Artwork + 1x Unique Starsong + Space Flight Cert + Personal Message to Space
Presale on Wednesday April 10 11AM ET – 11.59AM EDT
General sale Wednesday April 10 12PM ET – Thursday April 11 – 11.59AM ET

Fallen Gravity and its three drops are available at

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