Market Resilience Tested as NFT Sales Fall for Third Consecutive Week

Sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have dipped once more, marking the third consecutive week of decline, with a 14.97% decrease compared to the previous week. Leading the charge in this week’s sales from March 23 to March 30, Bitcoin NFT transactions amassed $82.61 million, despite experiencing a 3.8% drop from the previous week’s figures.

Despite Sales Downturn, NFT Market Attracts More Participants in Recent Week

Over the last week, the NFT market’s sales volume reached $233,071,420, marking a decrease of just under 15% from the previous week’s figures. According to data, this downturn hasn’t deterred the influx of participants, with the number of buyers rising by 25.61% and sellers increasing by 21.75%. In total, the market saw about 1,916,438 transactions, with Bitcoin leading in total sales value.

Bitcoin’s contribution to NFT sales was $82.61 million, experiencing a slight decrease of 3.8%. Close on its heels, Ethereum‘s sales barely exceeded $73 million, reflecting a 26.39% dip from the preceding week. Following these two leaders, Solana registered sales of $46.61 million, with Polygon and Mythos Chain trailing at $7.3 million and $7.16 million, respectively. Notably, while most top blockchains faced declines, Mythos Chain saw a slight sales increase of 0.92%.

This week’s standout NFT collection was Uncategorized Ordinals, generating $20.4 million despite a 43% drop in sales. The BRC-20 NFT collection followed, amassing an impressive $13.24 million, marking an increase of 759.91%. Other notable collections included Mad Lads and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The highest-priced NFT sale belonged to Ethereum’s Vault Key, fetching $346,089 just five days ago.

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Amid these fluctuating market conditions, the rise in participant numbers and the resilience of certain blockchains highlight a complex and evolving market landscape. While Ethereum, Solana, and others are adjusting to these shifts, the diverse performance of various collections—from stability in some to significant growth in others—points to a market that is continuously adapting and evolving.

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