JIGO leads NFTs for the second straight day with $1.64 million in sales

Bitcoin’s JIGO BRC-20 NFTs topped the non-fungible token market in the last 24 hours with sales reaching US$1.64 million, despite a 21.76% drop.

JIGO leads the market for the second consecutive day.

The collection witnessed a marginal increase in transactions, up by 2.89%, with 178 transactions.

Bitcoin is on pace to become the fourth blockchain to pass US$3 billion in sales this week.

As of 2:30 p.m. ET, the network is less than US$700,000 away from the milestone.

Ethereum’s Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) experienced a 13% increase in sales, totaling US$1.11 million over the past day.

Meanwhile, Solana’s Mad Lads sales plummeted by 43.41% to US$1.06 million and transactions fell by nearly half, down 49.23%.

Other notable movements include Mythos’ DMarket, which bucked the trend with a 9.88% increase in sales, reaching over US$1.03 million, and transactions by 1.02%.

On the flip side, Bitcoin’s NodeMonkes and MERM BRC-20 NFTs saw mixed results; NodeMonkes’ sales dropped by 9.65%, while $MERM BRC-20 NFTs surged by a striking 76.10% in sales and 34.89% in transactions.

Mocaverse NFTs, had an over 185% boost to almost US$700,000 in sales after the project announced the launch of its community token sale for $MOCA.

The Ethereum-based Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) joined the top 10 with a 117.94% increase in sales to US$698,336.64 and a 137.84% jump in transactions. MAYC holds the fourth position in the all-time sales ranking with a volume of US$2.12 billion.

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