Prom Starts a Collaboration with Automata Network for Blockchain Innovation

Prom, a zkEVM L2 solution, has recently announced its latest collaboration. As per the company it has started a strategic partnership with Automata Network in an endeavor to make advancements in the wider blockchain technology. The collaboration focuses on upgrading the infrastructure of Prom while attempting to provide a comparatively effective framework.

Prom Partners Up with @AutomataNetwork

Welcome Automata Network, a modular attestation layer that extends machine-level trust to Ethereum.

The partnership fosters the upgrade of Prom’s infrastructure, offering a more efficient framework.

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— Prom (@prom_io) March 18, 2024

Prom and Automata Network Start a Strategic Partnership to Start Blockchain Innovation

The respective partnership additionally widens the firm’s series of developer instruments for the developers. The respective tools would permit the developers to develop on the Prom’s top with convenience. The L2 solution of Prom leverages the ZK stack, which is a technology that emerges as a frontrunner in security.

It ensures complete data privacy throughout the transfers. While discussing this endeavor, Prom asserted that it provides significant attention to trust in each of its Web3 solutions. Particularly, it discussed the L2 products as they can provide scalability while sustaining the settlement layer’s security level. In this regard, Automata plays a crucial role by benefiting from confirmable on-chain attestations. Proof of Machinehood takes the credit of supporting them.

Automata provides a solution to the matter of Sybil and bot attacks. In this respect, it validates the legitimacy of a device that communicates with the blockchain. After the establishment of trust on the hardware scale, it can extend across blockchain ecosystems including Ethereum. Solutions that Automata provides fit locally with Web3 apps and offer an immutable Web3 trust chain.

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The Collaboration Will Introduce Tools Supporting Testnet and Mainnet Launch

In addition to this, the platform provided details about the potential targets of the collaboration. In this respect, it revealed that the collaboration has already paved the way for a few cutting-edge instruments for testnet. These tools additionally provide support for the impending mainnet launch to improve the consumer experience while highly focusing on security.

This displays the integration of ZK technology’s potential with the solutions of Automata for a more secure and better blockchain ecosystem. Prom’s modular ZkEVM L2 solution provides interoperability across diverse chains. They take into account both EVM as well a non-EVM compatible networks.

The platform provides the proof of transfers to the other chains on the selected Settlement chain’s top. This creates a bridge between the diverse ecosystems. While pointing out the latest prospect, Prom expressed optimism. It noted that this would lead to other exclusive possibilities related to the ZK technology.

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