SxT Leverages zkSync’s Hyperchain Architecture

Space and Time (SxT) has announced that it will be launching its network on zkSync’s cutting-edge hyperchain infrastructure. The decentralized data warehouse platform that recently made this known to the public, is designed to enable the interconnectivity of Layer 3 ecosystems built on Ethereum’s Layer 2 zk-rollup. This is in the bid to help SxT bring its artificial intelligence-powered data analytics capabilities to a broader multi-chain landscape.

Also, with Space and Time (SxT) network operating on zkSync, this collaboration will likely facilitate high-speed transaction processing, address security issues, reduction in processing fees and promote an efficient ecosystem.

According to Vassilis Tziokas, Head of Enterprise Business Development at Matter Labs, the team behind zkSync: “We’re excited to partner with SxT and advance our shared vision of offering developers sophisticated, target=”_blank”>smart contracts and enterprises are tamper-proof. SxT in operation, is used to analyze blockchain data that can be sent back to smart contracts.

Supporting this information, Tziokas said “SxT will introduce a new novel idea to zkSync to include a decentralized data warehouse and the proof of SQL protocol.”

Tziokas believes that the combination of this duo will bring about efficient verification of zero-knowledge queries that will ensure that raw data and query results are solid and cannot be manipulated.

New features on the horizon

At the launch of the new network, Sxt promises easy access to historical zkSync data—pulled from both zkSyncEra and hyperchains. This will allow developers to carry out activities on the platform for free. However, developers will only incur costs for computing resources required to execute their queries.

According to Scott Dykstra, the co-counfer and chief technology officer of SxT: “Given our commitment to zk, we knew we wanted to leverage a zkEVM as our network’s dedicated settlement layer. zkSync is best-in-class in fulfilling the vision of trustless layer-2s, offering extremely fast and low-cost zk-proven transactions”

Wrapping up

Space and Time (SxT) is launching on zkSync’s hyperchain infrastructure to enhance AI-powered data analytics across multi-chain ecosystems, promising high-speed transactions, enhanced security, and lower fees. This collaboration underscores a shared vision for advanced, data-driven smart contracts, setting a new standard in efficient, cross-chain functionality.

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