Invade Maestro Towers in Champions Ascension

Maestro Towers have arrived in Champions Ascension! This new game mode offers players a chance to create unique, PvE challenges for other players to attempt. Players earn and accumulate Tower Coins, a new token used to upgrade and improve Towers, increasing the difficulty level of the challenge.

A new gameplay mode comes to Champions Ascension. One that sees players building a PvE challenge known as Maestro Towers.

Maestro Towers are a PvE experience that is built by individual players. Every player can choose to build and populate their Maestro Tower, using Champions and other NFTs from the Champions Ascension collections. As Towers level up they open up more slots for defenders and bonus items, as well as expanding the height of the tower.

Towers accumulate Tower Coins over time based on their level. Tower owners can use those coins to upgrade their Tower. Meanwhile, other players can Invade the Towers to try and steal some of the coins in the Tower’s vault. Larger Towers have larger vaults, and potentially, larger payouts! Players get three Tower Invasion attempts per day.

Players who wish to raid a Tower are known as Invaders. Invaders are presented with three random options from all of the Towers available (re-rolls available for a payment of Tower coins). Invaders must use their own Champions to defeat all of the foes in the Tower and ascend to the top level. Invading players can use any or all of their available Champions in the attempt, but if all of their Champions die, they fail the challenge.

editing a Maestro Towerediting a Maestro Tower
editing a Maestro Tower

More about Maestro Towers

Towers will have a leaderboard with both weekly and seasonal rewards. Tower rankings are based on Tower level, the results of the Invasions for that tower, and the number of successful invasions from the owning account.

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The building interface still needs much love. And there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of use for Tower Coins if you’re not building and leveling up your own tower. But the basic concept and functionality for Maestro Towers is in place and very playable.

For those who want more details about Maestro Towers, you’ll have to look in their Discord for that info.

And this is just the first release of the Maestro Tower feature. In future updates, players will be able to use Monster Parts from the Amazon Prime claims, as well as resources from the Butcher to create monsters to help defend their Towers. The Butcher went live with this latest update, offering players a chance to recyle their dead Champions (those who lost while fighting in hardcore mode) into parts.

What is Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is an arena-based, gladiatorial combat game where every fighter has their own unique set of visuals, stats, and special abilities. Players can compete in one on one combat, team fights, and the free for all Arena of Carnage!

Champions Ascension NFT collections include their original Prime Eternals, Elemental Eternals, Pets, and the Imperial Gallery. Eternals are unique, generative, playable PFP characters. Each Champion has a House type, and various body Parts. House and Body Parts determine the abilities that Champion has available for use in combat.

Champions earn Essence and Tickets in arena combat. Players need Essence and Gold to level up Champions and to create Essence Crystals, which are used to upgrade Grunts. Tickets are used for various other activities. Players themselves can collect daily Chrono Imperium experience by holding Champions, even Grunts. Players earn various game rewards such as currency and items for reaching certain milestones in Chrono Imperium experience.

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Future plans include more arena variety, crafting, and custom, player-made battlegrounds. Champions Ascension is free to play, no wallet or NFTs required.

To learn more about Champions Ascension, visit their website, join their Discord server, and follow them on Twitter. Champions Ascension is listed on Steam and also available on Epic Games.

Champions Ascension screenshotChampions Ascension screenshot
fight for glory and Essence

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