Alchemy Pay’s Massive Crypto Expansion Hits Africa

Alchemy Pay, a leading gateway bridging traditional finance with the crypto economy, has significantly widened its footprint across Africa. The recent rollout of new payment channels underscores its commitment to enhancing the ease of buying cryptocurrencies using local currencies.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to integrate more African users into the global crypto landscape, utilizing familiar and accessible financial tools.

🌍Greater access to crypto in Africa! #AlchemyPay introduces new payment channels in 9 African countries, empowering users to buy cryptocurrency with their local fiat currencies through local bank transfers. Dive into our blog to learn more!


— Alchemy Pay|$ACH: Fiat-Crypto Payment Gateway (@AlchemyPay) June 24, 2024

Impact on Local Markets and User Experience

As part of an important advance, Alchemy Pay now gives individuals from nine unique African nations the ability to purchase crypto directly using their local fiat through bank to bank transfers.

Botswana with BWP, Cameroon with XAF, Kenya with KES, Malawi with MWK, Nigeria with NGN, Rwanda with RWF, Tanzania with TZS, Uganda with UGX and Zambia a range of 9 countries that are able to match the pace such as UGX.

This new move not only streamlines the process for consumers in these areas, it also leans on existing local banking infrastructures to make dancing into the crypto space easier for newcomers.

For many Africans this will be a herald locally as they now have direct bank transfer functionality. This ensures that Alchemy Pay is able to cut down on the complexities of currency conversion and cross-border financial transactions using the local banking systems.

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This not only helps in increasing the success rate of transactions but also helps reduce user paid fees, hence making this economically beneficial for the common man.

This fits in towards AlchemyPay’s broader strategy in achieving greater economic inclusivity. By adopting a more democratic approach to cryptocurrencies, they are opening the door for thousands if not millions of people to take part in the burgeoning digital economy.

It is an especially important development for a continent that is increasingly moving towards mobile banking and fintech solutions offering abundant opportunities for digital transactions and with that financial security.

Improving User Experience

The conventional paths to getting cryptocurrency can be complex or overpowering for most users. This simplifies the entire process and allows for a clear route to those wanting to get into the crypto market, with Alchemy Pay becoming one of the first cryptocurrency payment gateways to offer bank transfers.

Such enhancements in user experience are crucial for adoption, especially in regions where technological and financial literacy is rapidly evolving.

With Alchemy Pay expanding services internationally, its interest in Africa is on the back of a surge in demand for financial services that deliver the capabilities to merge fiat and digital currency. With market expansion at the forefront of their growth, they are committed to creating a sustainable financial ecosystem that supports both immediate and long-term requirements.

Headquartered in Singapore and established in 2017, Alchemy Pay has been the leading global payment gateway that connects cryptocurrency with fiat systems. Its range of services featured On & Off Ramp services, Crypto Card, Web3 Digital Bank, NFT Checkout, and so many more.

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By offering this wide range of services, Alchemy Pay continues to establish itself as a key player in the movement toward cryptocurrency adoption worldwide, delivering requisite infrastructure for businesses and end users in over 173 countries around the world.

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