AI Depin Project Grass to Implement Rewards Distribution Using Solana

Grass, an artificial intelligence Depin project, has announced the inclusion of Solana wallets as part of its ongoing rewards distribution process. Grass stated that this new addition will allow them to track the origin of each piece of scraped data and reward the node providing this info according to its relative value.

AI Depin Project Grass to Rely on Solana for Rewards Distribution and Data Origin Tracking

Grass, an artificial intelligence (AI) Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (Depin) project that leverages computers to scrape data, has announced the inclusion of Solana in its data collection and reward distribution processes. Recently, the project announced that users must associate a Solana wallet with their account.

This new directive is related to the advancement of Grass in data tracking procedures. According to a post on social media, with this new implementation, Grass can track the exact node that scraped the data and from which sites the data was scraped, allowing these records to be permanently etched on-chain.

Consequently, this will also make developers trust the data collected given that there will be a complete provenance record of the info collected. This seeks to address the problem of poisoned data being fed to other applications, as there is no way for AI projects to ensure that the training data collected is accurate short of scraping the data themselves.

Users will also benefit from trusty data being fed to agents because there will be fewer possibilities of trusting a biased AI agent due to data poisoning. However, the most obvious reason for this implementation is to prepare for an upcoming distribution of tokens, decentralizing the rewards processes for users to be compensated according to their contributions to the network.

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Grass stated:

When we have a wallet address associated with each node, we’re then able to distribute the value of AI back to the exact node that provided the data.

Other Depin projects also use Solana, like Hivemapper, a global mapping network, and Render, a project that democratizes access to a graphics processing unit (GPU) cluster.

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