Goblintown Creators Launch ‘Portals’ to Let Holders Move NFTs Across Ethereum Ecosystem

Truth Arts, the company behind the NFT collections Goblintown and Secret Society, is launching a feature that it believes will help shape a multi-chain future for tokenized assets. The team has unveiled “Portals,” a platform that allows users to bridge their Goblintown or Illuminati NFTs from Ethereum to one of several supported blockchains.

Effective immediately, holders of those NFTs can bridge their assets to Arbitrum, Base, Blast, Optimism, and Polygon—all Ethereum scaling networks—and of course, back to Ethereum as well. Solana support will be coming soon through a collaboration with LayerZero Labs.

“The team at Truth Arts foresees a future where NFT interoperability across chains is standard practice,” co-founder and CEO Alex Taub exclusively told Decrypt. “Just as movies and TV shows adapt to new formats—VHS to DVD to streaming—NFTs must evolve beyond single-chain constraints to thrive.”

Comparing this future to the evolution of media distribution, he emphasized what he sees as the absurdity of limiting an IP to a single channel—particularly as more and more chains spring up and gain traction throughout the ecosystem.

“This adaptability is crucial for the longevity of digital assets, mirroring how Disney and other iconic brands have remained relevant through changing distribution methods,” he added.

Rather than offering a temporary solution by periodically moving NFTs to the trending chain of the moment, Truth Arts has developed what it sees as a lasting fix with its Portals platform. This platform provides holders flexibility, enabling them to transfer their NFTs to any desired chain as they wish.

How does it work?

By visiting portals.trutharts.com, users can connect their wallets, view their Truth assets, and select the NFTs they wish to move. From there, they can then choose their preferred blockchain, pay any necessary gas fees, and then complete the transfer. The website also features a tracking tool to monitor the locations of all Goblins and Illuminatis.

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This approach ensures that Truth Arts does not become exclusive to any single chain. Instead, each holder can decide where their NFTs reside, enhancing decentralization and broadening market opportunities in the process.

A screenshot of the Portals interface. Image: Truth Arts

The benefits of Portals can help community members optimize for liquidity and potentially take advantage of airdrops, allocations, and project allowlists across multiple chains.

To help demonstrate the potential benefits, Truth Arts has teamed up with buzzy Ethereum layer-2 network Blast, which has rapidly gained traction due to user incentives and will roll out its token airdrop this Wednesday, June 26.

“To kick off Portals, we’re featuring and promoting holders to move over to Blast L2,” said Taub. “Although Blast Gold farming is concluding soon, there are still opportunities to earn Blast Gold, win the final Blast Jackpots, and participate in upcoming activities for Season 2 on Blast.”

Looking ahead, Truth Arts plans to introduce more incentives and collaborations with new chains, teams, and protocols, encouraging users to switch chains and reap rewards. And the platform will not be limited to NFTs from Truth for long, as the team is seeking other projects that want to utilize the protocol.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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