Aerodrome Achieves Major Milestones in Record Time

In a remarkable feat, Aerodrome, launched just 10 months ago, has hit an astounding $10 billion in volume. This achievement comes merely 3 months after the company celebrated reaching the $1 billion mark, highlighting an impressive growth trajectory.

A significant contributor to this success is Slipstream, which now accounts for 85% of Aerodrome’s total volume. The influence of Slipstream on Aerodrome’s operations is undeniable, cementing its role as a key driver of the platform’s rapid expansion.

Aerodrome Volume Achievement 🛫

Aerodrome launched about 10 months ago. We hit $1 billion in volume after 7 months, and just 3 months later, we’ve already reached $10 billion.

Slipstream now constitutes 85% of Aerodrome’s volume, showcasing its irrefutable impact.

— Aerodrome (@AerodromeFi) June 21, 2024

Record Volume in Epoch 42

Adding to the string of successes, Aerodrome’s Epoch 42 recorded a groundbreaking $1.78 billion in volume. This period also saw Slipstream maintain its stronghold, constituting over 83% of the total volume. Notably, this marks the fourth consecutive epoch where Aerodrome’s volume has surpassed $1 billion.

Record Volume Achieved 🛫

Epoch 42 hit a record $1.78 billion in volume, with Slipstream accounting for over 83%. This marks the fourth consecutive epoch surpassing $1 billion in volume.

veAERO voters earned a total of $4.06 million in rewards, with an average vAPR of 58.88%.

— Aerodrome (@AerodromeFi) June 20, 2024

The recent achievements have also translated into substantial rewards for veAERO voters. During Epoch 42, veAERO voters earned a total of $4.06 million in rewards, enjoying an average vAPR of 58.88%. This lucrative return underscores the benefits for stakeholders and the robust health of the Aerodrome ecosystem.

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Aerodrome’s rapid growth and the significant role of Slipstream demonstrate the platform’s strong market position and potential for continued success. As Aerodrome moves forward, the achievements of the past months set a promising foundation for future milestones.

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