Three New Artists Ignite the Music Scene

Gala Music, the Web3 platform revolutionizing the music industry, is turning up the heat this summer with the exclusive releases from three dynamic artists: Money-B, Laganja Estranja, and the powerhouse duo Macy Gray and Big Freedia.

Money-B Drops “Sit Next To Me” Featuring Guapdad4000

Legendary rapper Money-B is making waves with the release of his new single, “Sit Next To Me,” featuring the multifaceted artist Guapdad4000. The track, a highlight from Money-B’s upcoming album, will be available exclusively on Gala Music starting Monday, June 24th.
This release is a significant addition to Gala Music’s roster, showcasing Money-B’s commitment to Web3 and NFTs as tools for revolutionizing the music industry.
Money-B, a founding member of the iconic group Digital Underground, has been a pioneer in hip hop for decades. Known for hits like “The Humpty Dance” and “I Get Around,” he continues to push boundaries with his innovative approach.

His collaboration with Gala Music allows fans to access exclusive features such as $MUSIC tokens, remixes, and digital collectibles. Stream “Sit Next To Me” on Money-B’s Gala Music Profile from June 24th at 9 AM PT.

Laganja Estranja Lights Up Pride Month with “HAWT”

In celebration of Pride Month, world-renowned drag queen and music artist Laganja Estranja is partnering with Gala Music to release her new single, “HAWT,” on June 20th at 1 PM PT. Known for her captivating performances and boundary-pushing creativity, Laganja Estranja is excited to bring her unique flair to the Web3 space.
To mark this release, Gala Music will offer a limited-edition collection of 100 “HAWT” digital collectibles, each priced at $100.
Fans can also bid for exclusive All-Access experiences, including an autographed photo and a smoke session with Laganja in her LA garden. Tune in for an IG Live session with Laganja on June 20th at 2 PM PT to celebrate the release and connect with the artist.

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Laganja Estranja’s partnership with Gala Music underscores the platform’s dedication to inclusivity and supporting diverse voices in the music industry. Be the first to stream “HAWT” on Laganja’s Gala Music Profile and join the Hot Gala Summer celebration!

Macy Gray & Big Freedia Drop Empowering Anthem “I AM”

Gala Music is thrilled to announce the release of “I AM,” a powerful duet by Grammy-winning singer Macy Gray and the Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia. This empowering anthem, celebrating self-acceptance and authenticity, will be available on Gala Music starting Wednesday, June 12th at 1 PM PT.
“I AM” is not just a song; it’s a movement. Macy Gray and Big Freedia deliver a message of pride and individuality, making it an anthem for the 2024 pride season and beyond.
Alongside the single, Gala Music will release a limited-edition collection of 100 digital collectibles, each priced at $100.

Following the original release, an exclusive remix by legendary producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold will drop on June 18th at 1 PM PT, exclusively on Gala Music. Stream “I AM” on Macy Gray’s Gala Music Profile and get ready to embrace the empowering vibes of this standout track.

Join the Hot Gala Summer!

While Macy Gray and Big Freedia’s releases kick off the summer excitement, Gala Music’s Hot Gala Summer officially begins on June 20th with Laganja Estranja’s “HAWT.” Keep an eye out for more announcements and exclusive drops throughout the season.

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