IQ GPT Chatbot Integrated into BladeSwap to Enhancing Crypto Trading 

IQ GPT Chatbot, the leading AI assistant for crypto and blockchain, has been integrated into BladeSwap, a rapidly growing veDEX built on Blast_L2. This strategic integration aims to enhance the user experience on BladeSwap by leveraging advanced AI capabilities. BladeSwap, launched in March 2024 on the Blast network (Ethereum Layer2), is a ‘veDEX’ offering native yield opportunities for ETH and stablecoins. The platform returns 100% of its fees to token holders and employs governance voting for emissions.

BladeSwap, launched in March 2024 on the Blast network (Ethereum Layer2), is a ‘veDEX’ offering native yield for ETH and stablecoins. It returns 100% of platform fees to token holders and uses governance voting for emissions.

— IQ (@IQWIKI) June 23, 2024

BladeSwap streamlines decentralized exchange (DEX) use with native batch transactions and bundling actions to save time and reduce gas fees. Its smart split router minimizes price impact, ensuring efficient trading. The platform maximizes user profits through three yield mechanisms: L1 staking on

, T-bill yield on USDB, and gas revenue sharing. Contracts on BladeSwap are optimized to capitalize on these opportunities.

Tokenomics and Governance

BLADE tokens reward BladeSwap liquidity providers. Converting $BLADE to $veBLADE is a permanent action, effectively reducing the circulating supply. $veBLADE serves as BladeSwap’s governance token, which can be exchanged back to $BLADE at market rates through the liquidity pool. Unlike NFTs, $veBLADE ensures a dynamic supply management system, with ecosystem and team allocations locked in $veBLADE.

The integration of IQ GPT Chatbot into BladeSwap brings the platform’s first AI assistant for blockchain knowledge. Developed by BrainDAO, IQ GPT Chatbot represents decentralized AI, aiming to provide users with comprehensive support and insights.

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BrainDAO is also developing IQ Code, an AI designed for intelligent contracts, indicating a forward-thinking approach to integrating AI into blockchain technology. The integration of IQ GPT Chatbot into BladeSwap marks a significant enhancement in the crypto trading experience. By combining advanced AI capabilities with efficient DEX operations, BladeSwap continues innovating and maximizing user value.

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