BitTorrent Officially Releases BTFS V3.0 (Heisenberg) On ​​the Mainnet

BitTorrent has announced the official release of BTFS V3.0 Heisenberg on the mainnet. The new update brings multiple intuitive features to elevate user experience, operational efficiency, and network security. BitTorrent has made efforts to support symmetric encryption to meet the diverse requirements of users. After thorough community discourse on BTIP-72, the export and import of keystore files are now allowed. It will simplify management and enhance node security as well.

BitTorrent has carefully redesigned the network connection to ensure efficient data transfer. The update will support batch withdrawals across multiple nodes. This will simplify the mining process and increase efficiency. The network also talked about the importance of the BTFS protocol and the development of decentralized networks. Additionally, a major change to BTT storage rewards will go into effect on June 25th. After the adjustment, the total daily storage reward will drop to 7.5 billion BTT tokens. Node operators have been asked to update their nodes by June 25th.

BTFS or BitTorrent File System is a web application and protocol that provides a P2P addressable mechanism for sharing and storing digital content in a decentralized system. At the same time, it also acts as a base platform for dApps. The BTFS team is figuring out new network operations along with market sentiment to deliver a series of dynamic adjustments, like airdrop reward schemes and upload prices.

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