Cronos partners with EDF subsidiary Exaion

Cronos, a leading blockchain ecosystem that integrates with Ethereum (ETH) and Cosmos, has announced a new collaboration with Exaion, a subsidiary of EDF, the largest electricity provider in Europe, according to the latest info shared with Finbold on June 20.

With the new partnership, Exaion will join Cronos’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) network as one of its 32 validator nodes and further exemplify its commitment to the network’s stability and security

Ken Timsit, Managing Director of Cronos Labs, a blockchain startup accelerator for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, blockchain games, and Cronos development, shared his thoughts on the partnership, stating:

“The Cronos ecosystem brings crypto-native developers and communities together with mainstream users and established enterprises. The partnership with Exaion is a strategic development that enhances Cronos’ brand recognition, brings new talent and expertise into the ecosystem, and strengthens Cronos’ participation in the French blockchain community.”

Cronos validator nodes

Cronos validator nodes are essential for decentralized transaction validation, producing and confirming new blocks approximately every five to six seconds.

As a validator node, Exaion will also have a say in network governance and network update approvals.

Fatih Balyeli, CEO of Exaion, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the role Cronos plays in DeFi and Web3:

“We have been impressed with the technical depth of Cronos developers and the enthusiasm of the Cronos user community around use cases such as decentralized finance, NFTs, and Web3 gaming. Cronos is a worthy addition to the list of select blockchain protocols that we support as validators, together with Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EWF, Starknet, Tezos, Polkadot, Moonbeam, and Polygon.”

The new partnership aligns with Cronos’ strategy of collaborating with open-source contributors and validators known for their strong technical capabilities.

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Currently, the Cronos ecosystem includes esteemed contributors such as, Blockdaemon, and Allnodes

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