Anzen Finance Unveils High-Yield Staking for its RWA-backed Stabelcoin USDz

Anzen Finance, the creator of a new and unique real-world asset (RWA) backed stablecoin, has begun offering the ability to stake USDz and earn rewards. For this, the project has been working with DeFi protocols to launch its StableAMM pools.

USDz staking went live last week. Currently, users are earning as much as 55% APY in rewards for staking their USDz on Ethereum mainnet. Staking epochs start anew every Monday and run for a week, and epoch rewards are distributed in real-time.
To earn maximum rewards, which automatically compound into each user’s balance, USDz must be staked for the entire week.
While users can stake or unstake USDz at any time, there is a cooldown period of 7 days for unstaking sUSDz to ensure the stability of the staking system and prevent any abrupt changes in the staking pool.

Now, for each USDz staked, stakers earn z-points 1:1. However, it’s not a necessity to stake, as just by holding USDz on Base, one can earn z-points. As an active member of the Anzen community, everyone who uses USDz in any capacity earns points.

Anzen Finance also offers its users the ability to enhance their points significantly.
Recently, the project announced the launch of the StableAMM pool on Extra Finance, a yield farming strategy protocol, which offers the ability to open leveraged positions at 20x z-points.
A 20x multiplier has also been announced for the USDzUSDC sAMM pool on the trading and liquidity marketplace Aerodrome.

Besides offering the staking feature, USDz can now be natively transferred between Ethereum and Base, with more chains to come. This capability was enabled after the protocol integrated LayerZero last week to bring USDz omnichain with an aim to advance USDz’s usage and applicability.

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However, this is just the beginning of Anzen’s plans to make USDz a crucial part of the crypto ecosystem. Backed by carefully selected private credit assets based on specific underwriting criteria and stringent portfolio risk controls, USDz can also be used for payments and seamlessly integrated across the DeFi sector.

As an on-chain dollar backed by tokenized RWAs, USDz allows holders to earn sustainable rewards for the first time. The value of emitted rewards are unaffected by cryptocurrency market volatility and therefore offer crypto natives the ability to earn low-risk rewards, diversify their portfolios, and protect themselves from price fluctuations.

“USDz has the potential to become one of the most stable, secure, and reliable digital assets in DeFi,” said Anzem Finance co-founder Ben Shyong.

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