Pyth Network, Morpho, and Gauntlet Forge New Frontier in DeFi Lending Optimization

Baar, Switzerland — Pyth Network, renowned for its real-time market data for blockchain applications, joins forces with Morpho and Gauntlet to revolutionize lending and borrowing experiences on Ethereum and Base. By integrating Pyth’s dependable, low-latency price data, DeFi protocols gain a competitive edge, optimizing capital efficiency and reducing risks for users.

Morpho disrupts the DeFi lending space with an open, trustless lending primitive that supports permissionless market creation. Its protocol allows pre-approved entities to launch customized vaults with tailored risk management, simplifying DeFi yield management. This flexibility empowers DeFi protocols to define liquidation loan-to-value ratios, select oracles, collateral types, and more, enhancing capital efficiency and yield optimization.

Gauntlet, renowned for its innovative yield farming strategies across major DeFi protocols, selects Pyth’s low-latency price oracle to secure its inaugural offering on Morpho—the USDC Core MetaMorpho Vault. Gauntlet recognizes the critical role of accurate and reliable asset price data in DeFi lending protocols. Pyth’s design, enabling high-frequency updates from trusted financial institutions, ensures reduced risk and enhances user safety within Gauntlet’s vaults.
“We’re excited to integrate Pyth price feeds for the UNI/USDC market in our USDC Core MetaMorpho vault to ensure robust price data integrity. Morpho’s innovation is setting new DeFi standards, and partnering with Pyth enhances user experience and market safety.”

Matt Dobel, Head of Business Development at Gauntlet
“Gauntlet and Pyth are driving forward this transition in DeFi, leveraging our expertise to elevate data accuracy and reliability,” said Matt Dobel, Head of Business Development at Gauntlet.

Pyth’s architecture allows dApps to access frequent, cost-effective price updates for over 500 assets via the Pythnet appchain, delivering sub-second latency data critical for DeFi operations amidst rising trading volumes and liquidity. With support across multiple blockchain networks and a substantial total value locked, Pyth continues to expand its footprint in DeFi with comprehensive price feeds across crypto, equities, forex, ETFs, and commodities markets.

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About the Pyth Network

The Pyth Network specializes in providing low-latency financial data typically confined to centralized institutions. By aggregating and securely bringing this data on-chain, Pyth supports decentralized finance with reliable price feeds critical for informed decision-making. For more information, visit

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