FTX’s Revival Could Spark Resurgence in FTT, USTC, and LUNA

The crypto community is closely following the latest developments at FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange preparing to relaunch after its dramatic collapse.

A recent X post by DeFi analyst Hanzo suggests FTX’s debt repayment efforts could ignite a resurgence in the value of certain cryptocurrencies, including its own native token, FTT.

3 | $LUNA

LUNA is crucial to Terra’s ecosystem and is affected by FTX.

FTX listed LUNA, boosting liquidity and market access for Terra.

Additionally, Alameda Research, linked to FTX, invested in Terraform Labs! pic.twitter.com/c8AHxERzkO

— Hanzo ㊗️ (@DeFi_Hanzo) June 15, 2024

Since its November 2022 collapse, which wiped out billions in user funds and sent shockwaves through the crypto markets, FTX has been working on a robust reorganization plan. The company claims it can erase its $11 billion debt, thanks to asset sales potentially reaching $16.3 billion. This plan promises nearly all affected customers will recover their losses, giving rise to optimism and speculation about the future of FTX and its associated tokens.

Among the tokens poised for a resurgence is FTT, the native token of the FTX platform. The value of FTT plummeted following the exchange’s downfall. However, with FTX’s debt repayment plans, there’s a strong belief that FTT’s value could surge.

Some market experts are optimistic about FTT’s future price increases. In a recent post, technical analyst Mags disclosed that they have been acquiring FTT for several weeks, despite admitting that FTT is a “shitcoin” with no intrinsic value to enhance its worth aside from market speculation.

Similarly, USTC, the stablecoin from Terra, suffered a significant downturn due to the FTX collapse. With the resumption of FTX operations and settlement of debts, $USTC could see restored market confidence and stability, possibly reversing its recent downturn.

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LUNA, another crucial component of Terra’s ecosystem that was significantly impacted by FTX’s initial troubles, may also see a revival. FTX had previously listed LUNA, enhancing its liquidity and market access. Moreover, the connection between FTX’s Alameda Research and Terraform Labs could play a pivotal role in LUNA’s potential recovery.

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