MetaGravity and Aethir Unite for Decentralized Gaming Innovation and 3D Internet Advancement

MetaGravity, a frontrunner in multiplayer gaming technology, and Aethir, a pioneer in decentralised cloud infrastructure (DCI), have announced a collaborative partnership aimed at accelerating the advancement of decentralised physical infrastructure (DePIN) for the gaming industry and the 3D internet.

This alliance promises to revolutionize online experiences within persistent virtual worlds, empowering studios and enhancing multiplayer interactions. MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine enables game developers with an unprecedented compute budget, facilitating the creation of expansive, scalable worlds effortlessly and affordably.

Aethir’s Instaplay complements this with pixel streaming technology, enabling instant play across all devices without downloads, thereby enhancing accessibility. The combined technologies enable game developers to scale backend simulation infrastructure and cross-device pixel streaming capabilities simultaneously, streamlining game development for broader audiences.

Pushing the Boundaries of Multiplayer Online Experiences

Historically, the gaming industry has grappled with constraints in simulation scale and operational costs, limiting the scope of massive online experiences. MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine addresses these challenges head-on, delivering over 100 times the simulation scale while reducing operational costs by the same magnitude.
This empowers game developers and metaverse creators to build hyperscale online experiences with increased player concurrency, intricate physics simulations, dense environments, and high graphical fidelity.
Aethir’s DCI platform perfectly complements MetaGravity’s technology by leveraging underutilised GPUs from decentralised nodes, creating a vast pool of scalable, cost-effective computational resources. This enables developers to create next-generation games with improved cost efficiency and control, while laying the foundation for future decentralised applications.

A Shared Vision of Decentralized Compute

MetaGravity and Aethir have embarked on a long-term R&D roadmap to accelerate the adoption of DePIN in gaming. The synergy between MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine and Aethir’s decentralised server infrastructure represents a significant leap towards robust DePIN development. Beyond gaming, this partnership also sets the stage for shaping the future of the third-generation internet.

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DePIN heralds a paradigm shift in computing infrastructure, eliminating the limitations of traditional centralised systems by leveraging a distributed network of resources powered by token economies. This approach ensures greater resilience, scalability, and cost-efficiency across various industries.

HyperScale Gamers Wanted!

The entire Aethir community is invited to join the MetaGravity HyperScale Testers playtest group. Experience the future of hyperscale online multiplayer gaming firsthand and witness the integration of these groundbreaking technologies in real-time. Visit the website today to become part of the movement.

About MetaGravity

MetaGravity pioneers foundational infrastructure for the 3D internet, empowering creators to push the boundaries of digital possibilities in a permissionless future. The HyperScale Engine facilitates the creation of massive multiplayer experiences efficiently, minimizing costs and time. Visit for more information.

About Aethir

Aethir is the leading provider of enterprise-grade, AI-focused GPU-as-a-Service through its decentralised cloud computing infrastructure. Serving enterprise AI clients and cloud gamers worldwide, Aethir brings powerful AI chips and computing resources to the community. Visit to learn more.

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