ChainGPT and OKX’s X Layer Collaborate to Enhance AI NFT Generation

ChainGPT, a leading AI-powered Web3 infrastructure provider, has integrated its AI NFT Generator with OKX’s X Layer, a prominent crypto exchange and Web3 technology company.

This collaboration aims to streamline and scale NFT minting through X Layer’s Layer-2 solution. By leveraging ChainGPT’s robust AI NFT Generator, developers and creators can efficiently produce and mint AI-generated artworks within OKX’s ecosystem.

ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator has already generated over 22 million digital artworks, establishing itself as a preferred platform for AI-generated NFTs. The integration with X Layer enhances accessibility to digital art creation and NFT minting, empowering a broader audience to participate in the burgeoning NFT market.

The AI NFT Generator features a user-friendly chat interface that accepts diverse text inputs, enabling creators to easily translate their ideas into AI-generated artworks without rigid prompts. This capability aligns with ChainGPT’s mission to democratize AI and blockchain technology, making advanced tools accessible to all users.
“We’re thrilled about our collaboration with X Layer. Their dynamic ecosystem and innovative approach to NFTs perfectly complement our AI capabilities.”

Ilan Rakhmanov, CEO & Founder of ChainGPT
“This partnership underscores our commitment to advancing AI within Web3 and supporting the evolving needs of the digital art community,” added Ilan Rakhmanov.

About ChainGPT

ChainGPT is a pioneering provider of AI-powered infrastructure for crypto, blockchain, and Web3 applications. From AI NFT generation and automated smart contracts to cross-chain swaps and AI-driven news aggregation, ChainGPT integrates large language models with blockchain technology to deliver advanced, user-friendly solutions. Recognized for its technological innovation, ChainGPT has forged strategic partnerships and garnered acclaim from industry leaders like Google, Nvidia, BNBChain, and Chainlink. Learn more at: ChainGPT

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About OKX

OKX is a leading global crypto exchange and innovative Web3 company serving over 50 million users worldwide. Renowned for its fast and reliable trading platform, OKX supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and is committed to enhancing user engagement through partnerships with prominent entities such as Manchester City FC and McLaren Formula 1. OKX’s latest offering, the OKX Wallet, facilitates NFT and metaverse exploration alongside GameFi and DeFi token trading. The platform prioritizes transparency and security, regularly publishing proof of reserves to uphold user trust. Discover more at: OKX

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