Earn Crypto While Playing SnakeTON on Telegram

With Telegram’s massive 900-million user base and the seamless integration of the TON Blockchain, SnakeTON, an innovative Web3 survival GameFi built on the TON platform, is transforming gaming within the Telegram app.

How Does SnakeTON Work?

Players control their snakes, navigating through various game modes to emerge victorious by consuming food and defeating other players. The primary objective is to become the fastest and largest snake, achieved through strategic movements and continuous upgrades of skills and equipment.

Game Modes

Realtime PvP Combat:

In the PvP mode, players aim to expand their snakes by consuming food and engaging in battles with other players. Successful participants can earn $TON rewards, which are conveniently accessible through the Telegram app. The PvP combat options consist of Random, Custom, and Arena rooms, each presenting distinct challenges and incentives.


Participating in PvE challenges allows players to hone their survival and combat skills. As they earn $vSNAKE points, players can climb the ranks and receive valuable airdrops, including popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and Dogecoin.

Exclusive Hatching Mode:

This special incubation mode allows players to ‘mine’ game tokens with minimal interaction. By placing eggs, players can harvest new, exclusive NFT skins and $SNAKE tokens. Upgrading eggs increases token mining efficiency, offering opportunities to earn rare items passively.

$SNAKE: The In-Game Token

The native token of SnakeTON, $SNAKE, operates on the TON Blockchain and has a total supply of 10 billion tokens. Its distribution structure aims to both reward user contributions and encourage involvement in the game. This includes allocating 18% for the Seed Round, 3% for the Public Sale, and reserving 30% for airdrops to in-game users.

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As a result, $SNAKE is a desirable and convenient asset within the SnakeTON ecosystem. Furthermore, there are no taxes associated with buying or selling this token, making it even more appealing for in-game transactions.

Notable Achievements in the Beta Version

Since its beta launch, SnakeTON has secured impressive traction. TONSALE Ventures showed their confidence in the game’s potential by investing $200,000 during the Angel Round.

In a mere 10 days since its beta release, SnakeTON has drawn in an impressive 31,000 users and maintains a strong daily active user base of 5,000 players.

The game’s community on Telegram and Twitter has grown to over 30,000 members, propelling it to a top 3 ranking in the TON App.


SnakeTON’s roadmap is meticulously designed with a user-centric approach, aiming for 300,000 users by the end of 2024. Key milestones include:

Q1 2024: Formation and product refinement.

Q2 2024: Game development and token launch, including the launch of Beta versions for PvE and PvP, conducting fundraising and token listing, official release of game modes, introduction of Snake Eggs Incubation Mode, and token airdrop for early users.

Q3 2024: Platform development and community engagement, including the launch of Token and NFT staking platform, hosting international gaming competitions, and implementing revenue sharing with token holders.

Q4 2024: Innovation, expansion, and community-centric features, such as introducing an in-game character design platform and launching the SnakeTON story creation platform.

Final Thoughts

SnakeTON has quickly established itself as a major player in the TON GameFi space. The enthusiastic response from the community is a testament to its triumph and potential. Through ongoing creativity and a dedication to community-driven offerings, SnakeTON is on track to become a dominant force in the Web3 GameFi realm.

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