Blockchain platform Supra and Killer Whales launch $100 million dApp contest

Supra, a fully integrated Layer-1 blockchain platform, has announced the launch of its inaugural contest, the Super dApp Showdown, as per the most recent updates shared with Finbold on June 13.

Set to begin in August 2024, the contest aims to spotlight innovative decentralized applications (dApps), or Super dApps, created by top blockchain developers.

A panel of judges, including representatives from Supra, Google Cloud, Republic Crypto, and Hashkey Capital, will evaluate the entries.

The Super dApp Showdown

The Super dApp Showdown invites developers to build on Supra’s Layer-1 network boasting Multi-VM support, in-protocol oracles, verifiable random function (VRF), bridges, and automation features.

Contestants will vie for a share of a $100 million fund and have a chance to showcase their dApps to an audience of over 500,000 token holders on Supra’s community platform, Project Blast Off, and a community of 1.3 million email subscribers.

Each week will see a winner, whose dApp will be featured on the Blast Off platform, offering users missions and quests to learn about the project.

Developers can choose the rewards for user engagement, including prizes, airdrops, in-game assets, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Joshua Tobkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Supra, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Killer Whales, saying:

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Killer Whales as our media partner for the Super dApp Showdown and beyond. At Supra, we understand that attracting the right builders and founders requires a combination of capital and exposure. Along with access to Supra’s $100 million Ecosystem Fund and 500k verified token holders, projects will also have the chance to get featured on Killer Whales, benefiting from their exceptional team, high-quality production, and significant visibility.”

— Joshua Tobkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Supra

Integrating blockchain services into a high-performance stack

Supra’s Layer-1 network integrates key blockchain services, such as leading price feeds, automation, and bridges, into a high-performance stack.

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The network supports Multi-VM deployment, allowing developers from MoveVM and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains to participate, with future support for SolanaVM and CosmWasm.

Powered by the Moonshot consensus mechanism, Supra’s L1 offers exceptional speed and security, processing 530k transactions per second with near-instant finality.

Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement

Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA protocol) ensures real-time data accessibility, enhancing the functionality of dApps across decentralized finance (DeFi), GameFi, and more.

The platform also includes Supra dVRF, a decentralized verifiable randomness generator used for transparent and unpredictable outcomes.

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