Ordinals and Runes Reach $1 Billion Market Cap

In a significant milestone for Bitcoin-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the combined market capitalization of popular collections such as Ordinals and Runes has surged past $1 billion, according to Coingecko. This growth is underscored by increasing trading volumes and user adoption, signaling a robust expansion within the Web3 sphere.

Report Reveals Emerging Dynamics in Bitcoin Ordinals and Runes Market

Coingecko’s latest report highlights the burgeoning interest in Bitcoin NFTs, with specific collections like Nodemonkes and Bitcoin Puppets leading the charge. In May 2024, Nodemonkes boasted a market cap of $198.25 million, while Bitcoin Puppets reached $144.12 million. The study shows daily trading volume for these tokens also saw impressive figures, with Nodemonkes and Bitcoin Puppets recording averages of $0.52 million and $0.51 million respectively.

User engagement is also on the rise, with Bitcoin Puppets experiencing a 15.3% month-on-month growth in unique holders, now tallying up to 6.7k from January to May 2024. Similarly, Nodemonkes observed a 10.1% increase in its user base. This uptick in adoption is paralleled by a notable spike in Google search interest for “Ordinals” and “Bitcoin NFTs,” peaking in recent months and illustrating a heightened global curiosity and engagement with these digital assets.

The methodology behind the Coingecko study involved a comprehensive analysis of the top ten Bitcoin-based NFT collections as recorded on May 26, 2024. These collections, including Nodemonkes, Bitcoin Puppets, Rune Pups, Ordinal Maxi Biz, RSIC Metaprotocol, Bitcoin Frogs, Runestone, Prometheans, Natcats, and Pizza Ninjas, were scrutinized for their market performance on Coingecko.com. Additionally, the study incorporated data from Google Trends up to May 31, 2024, providing insights into the public interest and search behaviors.

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The origins and technological underpinnings of Ordinals and Runes, as detailed by Coingecko’s research, reveal a sophisticated evolution in NFTs. Introduced by engineer Casey Rodarmor, Ordinals inscribe data directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain, differing fundamentally from traditional NFTs and enhancing their appeal as permanent digital artifacts. Moreover, the development of the BRC20 token standard and subsequent introduction of Runes have optimized Bitcoin transactions and spurred further innovation, paving the way for new applications and efficiencies within the blockchain ecosystem.

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