Polyhedra Network Releases a Unique Open-Source Repository

Polyhedra Network, a prominent platform that uses zero-knowledge proofs technology for scalability and security solutions, has announced an exclusive product. As per the company, it is releasing an exclusive open-source repository to cater to the requirements of consumers with cutting-edge updates. The platform disclosed this development on its official social media account on X.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new open-source repository! This repo is packed with advanced and basic knowledge about Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) that updates weekly. 🌐https://t.co/goSFAamxS3

🔍 Blogs: Dive into advanced topics with our latest developments in… pic.twitter.com/vIJCHEZNNd

— Polyhedra Network (@PolyhedraZK) June 10, 2024

Polyhedra Network Unveils the Latest Open-Source Repository

The platform noted in its recent post that the new repository offers adequate knowledge to the users. The users can reportedly leverage it to learn the basic and as well as advanced information concerning the Zero-Knowledge Proofs. The platform revealed that it updates the respective knowledge with time. The firm also mentioned that the latest endeavor takes into account lectures and blogs.

Through the respective lectures and blogs, the platform shares comprehensive knowledge with the provision of weekly updates. In this way, consumers can delve into cutting-edge subjects to know about the latest cryptographic developments. The respective developments include the Bivariate-KZG scheme. According to Polyhedra, people having some prior knowledge concerning the searched topics can get significant help from the project.

The company added that the blogs will reportedly consist of more unconventional topics. In addition to this, the content will exclusively focus on the new developments. Moreover, the users can learn more thoroughly about the Zero-Knowledge Proofs from the details lectures that the repository provides. Apart from that, the users do not need to have some prior background to comprehend the lectures.

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The Platform Invites Contributors with a Resilient Cryptography Background

In this respect, the consumers can begin with the basic arithmetic from Lecture0. The platform asserted that the users can contribute to the project. Those with a resilient cryptography background can contact Polyhedra to provide the finest knowledge base. They can do this while abiding by the contribution guidelines of the platform.

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