VaultCraft Integrates IQ GPT Chatbot into Its Community

VaultCraft, decentralized finance protocol featuring its unique custom perpetual options has integrated IQ GPT Chatbot into the community. BrainDAO’s own IQ GPT Chatbot, a leading crypto world AI VR assistant for cutting-edge blockchain knowledge powered by BrainDAO for the benefits of VaultCraft users.

The turbocharged DeFi protocol with custom perp options, @VaultCraft_io, has integrated IQ GPT Chatbot, the leading AI assistant for Crypto, into their community!

— (@IQWIKI) May 26, 2024

VaultCraft Empowers Users with Custom DeFi Strategies on Any EVM Chain

VaultCraft is a DeFi building block that gives users the power to create their own yield strategies and perpetual call options on any evm chain. The platform is developed and managed by VaultCraftDAO. This decentralized organization guarantees that VaultCraft’s software is always being improved on and innovated.

The platform utilizes a VaultFactory, endorsed by the protocol, to ensure safe strategies and contracts. The vaults are also ERC4626-Wrapper compatible and can be used in conjunction with other protocols, they may also be stacked. This design allows users to have robust and secure options to manage their DeFI investments.

Unique revenue model All the earnings of VaultCraft is used to buy back and burn $VCX. This mechanism is outlined at the end of every month, determining a transparent and deflationary process in favour of ICH token holders.

IQ GPT Chatbot Joins VaultCraft to Simplify DeFi for All Users

With the integration of IQ GPT Chatbot, VaultCraft looks to streamline DeFi for retail and enterprise users alike. Decentralized AI chatbot $IQ grants users instant access to blockchain intelligence and assistance This integration will heighten the gamut of user experience that 1inch aims to achieve and bring a new level of real-time assistance and information, enabling users to more easily use complex defi products.

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VaultCraft’s modular tools make it easy to combine and stack protocols, which in turn will bolster the scalability and malleability of DeFi as a whole. The connection with IQ GPT chatbot, an AI assistant that can help users deal with a range of issues in the world of DeFi, makes this goal even stronger.

IQ GPT Chatbot’s developer BrainDAO is already premiering IQ Code, the world’s first AI developed for smart contracts. The latest development poised to expand these capabilities further in the blockchain and DeFi space. It has immense potential in supporting building even more secure and efficient smart-contracts.

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