Prom Announces the Integration of ARPA into Its Ecosystem

Prom, a popular modular ZkEVM L2 that offers interoperability across diverse chains, has recently announced an exclusive integration. The platform has reportedly integrated ARPA which is an Ethereum-based well-known permissionless network that intends to provide a privacy-preserving, secure, and fair blockchain forum. The company disclosed the news of this integration on its official X account.

Prom Integrates ARPA Into the Ecosystem

We’re thrilled to introduce another infrastructure partner in our ecosystem, meet @arpaofficial, a permissionless threshold BLS signature network.

ARPA builds a verifiable on-chain randomness oracle, Randcast, which is now live on…

— Prom (@prom_io) May 24, 2024

Prom Unveils Its Latest Integration of ARPA to Offer a Secure and Privacy-Preserving Forum

It expressed its enthusiasm in a recent X post. As per the company, ARPA has now entered the list of its infrastructure partners. With this integration, Prom has reportedly onboarded ARPA onto its ecosystem. While providing details, the firm noted that ARPA developed Randcast (a certifiable randomness oracle on the chain). According to Prom, the respective project is currently live on several ecosystems.

The respective ecosystems take into account Redstone, Base, Optimism, and Ethereum. In addition to this, it is also moving forward toward the other chains. The platform added that it targets the inclusion of additional builders in the Web3 gaming sector. Keeping this in view, the latest integration plays the role of a remarkable achievement. It indicates that the firm is continuously pursuing its journey to revolutionize the gaming sphere in Web3.

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The Integration Intends to Provide a Resilient Infrastructure for a Better Experience

Apart from that, Prom brought to the front that infrastructure secures a critical position in every ecosystem. It added that the resilient infrastructure products offer several benefits in the Web3 realm. In this way, the respective projects strengthen this sector. The platform reportedly pays significant attention to this factor.

The platform pointed out that, in line with the vital contribution of a resilient infrastructure, it intends to boost it. It asserted that the firm pursues new opportunities to enhance the exchange across the products. The respective exchange within its ecosystem will reportedly get substantial contributions from the team of ARPA.

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