Analog Unveils Incentivized Testnet to Foster Cross-Chain Development

Analog, a pioneering Layer-0 cross-chain communication protocol and Web3 data provider, has officially launched its highly anticipated incentivized testnet. This development marks a significant milestone in Analog’s mission to enable true interoperability across various blockchain networks, empowering developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) with a diverse range of tools.

Analog’s suite of products includes Analog Watch, a comprehensive indexing and query protocol that simplifies Web3 data access via a GraphQL endpoint. Developers can utilize the open-source Watch SDK or the hosted Watch Portal to streamline their workflow. Analog GMP (General Message Passing) is a permissionless communication layer that enables dApps to send and receive messages across different blockchains, facilitating seamless interaction.

The Timechain, an immutable ledger underlying the Analog network, combines Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) and Proof-of-Time (PoT) protocols to ensure robust security, decentralization, and scalability. The incentivized testnet provides developers, enthusiasts, and node operators with a unique opportunity to earn rewards while actively contributing to the growth and development of the Analog platform.

Shaping the Future of Web3

Analog has allocated a minimum of 2% of its total $ANLOG token supply for all participants in the testnet. The testnet rollout is conducted in phases to ensure a smooth and productive experience. Developers began participating on April 16th, with the broader community joining at the end of April. Phase 3 will soon open for validators, and all three phases will run concurrently until the end of July.

Participants across all phases can earn Analog Token Points (ATPs) by completing various tasks, including testing core functionalities, providing insights and feedback, and participating in community-driven events like the Watch Game. The Watch Game allows community members to explore and vote on Views built by developers, emphasizing collaboration and innovation within Analog’s ecosystem.

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Victor Young, CEO/Founder of Analog, said, “We believe that building a truly interoperable cross-chain ecosystem requires the insights and contributions of everyone. Our Incentivized Testnet empowers individuals to test our tools, share their perspectives, and earn rewards as they help us build the most user-friendly and powerful cross-chain data platform.”

Analog is dedicated to advancing omni-chain interoperability in the blockchain space. As a novel Layer-0 blockchain for event data in Web3, powered by its own Proof-of-Time consensus mechanism, Analog’s suite of protocols is designed to streamline access to information and facilitate seamless cross-chain communication.

The incentivized testnet is expected to play a crucial role in gathering feedback, improving platform functionality, and preparing Analog for its mainnet launch. Participants are encouraged to join and contribute to this innovative initiative, shaping the future of cross-chain communication and decentralized applications.

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