Zero1 Labs Joins Forces with Oasis to Enhance Web3 and AI Privacy

Zero1 Labs, renowned for fostering high-quality technical teams in the AI space, has announced a strategic partnership with Oasis, a leading Layer 1 blockchain specializing in scalability and confidential compute. This alliance aims to strengthen the foundations of Web3, Privacy, and AI by merging Zero1’s advanced Decentralized AI (DeAI) solutions with Oasis’s innovative privacy technologies.

Zero1 Labs is a community-focused DeAI ecosystem that supports projects enrolled in the Zero Construct Program (ZCP), ensuring a successful market launch. The mission of Zero1 Labs is to empower developers and innovators by providing the tools, resources, and support needed for AI talent to thrive. The DeAI ecosystem, with its core ZCP product, is bolstered by the Keymaker multi-modal tooling marketplace and the Cypher chain.

Oasis is a pioneering Layer 1 blockchain designed to facilitate scalability and confidential compute. It hosts Sapphire, the first confidential EVM that empowers Web3 and AI developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) with inherent privacy. Oasis also offers the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), enabling any dApp from any EVM chain to integrate privacy features without leaving its native chain. To further innovation, Oasis provides a grants program offering up to $50,000 to help developers implement confidentiality and accelerate the growth of their dApps.

A new partnership is here!

We are looking forward to even more smart privacy development for Web3 and AI with @zero1_labs 💎

— Oasis (@OasisProtocol) May 21, 2024

Building a privacy-centric DeAI ecosystem

This strategic partnership aims to build a privacy-centric DeAI ecosystem, enhancing the security of AI solutions developed under Zero1 Labs. By collaborating with Oasis as an incubation partner, Zero1 Labs will broaden the impact of their combined privacy technology and AI ecosystem for projects launched through their platform. There are numerous benefits for projects launching with Zero1 Labs and Oasis.

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Sapphire, Oasis’s confidential EVM, enables unprecedented on-chain confidentiality. This technology allows platforms like Ocean’s Predictoor to offer AI model predictions on price movements directly on-chain while safeguarding data privacy. This confidentiality supports the computation of aggregate predictions, allowing only subscribed traders to access the on-chain predictions, thereby opening up new business models.

The ROFL framework enables verifiable off-chain computation, allowing for complex, non-deterministic computations that can interact with remote network resources. This expands the potential applications of smart contracts significantly. With ROFL, off-chain processes are trustworthy and seamlessly integrated into the blockchain.

Both Zero1 Labs and Oasis believe that while not all AI needs to be on-chain, the integrity and verification of its computations should be. Their technologies ensure that any computation, whether on-chain with Sapphire or off-chain with ROFL, is verifiable across their decentralized network. This capability is crucial for applications ranging from autonomous AI agents to decentralized AI training, all powered by a robust network of validator nodes equipped with specialized hardware for TEE attestations.

Overall, the partnership between Zero1 Labs and Oasis is a significant step towards creating a secure, privacy-centric ecosystem for AI and Web3 developers. By combining their strengths, they are setting new standards for privacy and security in decentralized AI applications, paving the way for innovative solutions and fostering a more secure digital future.

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