Polimec Enables Transparent Decentralized Fundraising to Polkadot Projects

The purpose of Decentralized Funding protocol Polimec’s introduction is to usher in a new phase of community-funded Polkadot initiatives. Teams may issue tokens and raise funds transparently using the protocol while still adhering to regulatory requirements.

The infrastructure solution for web3 developers, Apillon, is the first project to be featured on Polimec. Investors now have the chance to evaluate projects and choose which ones should go on to the Funding Round with the opening of Polimec’s first Evaluation Round. Gotem, ImpactScope, and Mandala Chain are some of the other initiatives that will be using Polimec to raise funds.

Polimec links investors and businesses worldwide by offering a regulatory-compliant environment while preserving the decentralization essential to web3. Users who want to take part in a project on Polimec must receive a Deloitte KYC Credential, which, if accepted, allows access to financing details, project evaluations, and funding round participation.

With Polimec, projects may run one or more financing rounds, and investors can join rounds that fit their requirements. The PLMC holders, a technical committee, and an on-chain council decide protocol governance. Any PLMC holder may make a proposal, and if it receives the necessary support, it will be put to a vote by token holders.

Polimec gives up-and-coming web3 projects that are centered on the Polkadot ecosystem the chance to fulfill their financial objectives. By addressing practical issues, this will enhance their chances of creating groundbreaking blockchain solutions and boosting acceptance. Polimec concurrently provides access to initiatives dedicated to transparent and compliant funding for web3 investors of all stripes.

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The Polkadot community will have the opportunity to see the future of web3 fundraising during the inaugural Evaluation and Funding Rounds on Polimec, as well as evaluate some of the most cutting-edge projects that are presently looking for funding to bring their ideas to life.

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