Play to Airdrop with Boomland Migration

Boomland is migrating to Immutable zkEVM. And with this move comes a special, Hunters On-Chain, play to airdrop campaign with over 250 million BOOM tokens in rewards!

Fresh off of the Guild of Guardians launch, Immutable zkEVM already has another project lined up for release — Boomland Games. Their free to play, top-down, action-based, fantasy brawler, Hunters On-Chain is ready to move and relaunch on Immutable, offering over 250 million BOOM tokens in a two month, play to airdrop campaign!

BOOM is the primary ecosystem token for Boomland Games. It will be useful throughout all of their projects (which at the moment is only Hunters On-Chain), with both in-game and out of game use cases.

use cases for BOOM tokens

More about Play to Airdrop

There will be two seasons for this campaign, each a month long. Season one begins in June.

And Boomland plans to make this a play-focused airdrop event. Users can earn points for completing Badges, finishing Quests, and Referring new players. Badges are in-game, one-time achievements for things such as owning specific hunters or doing a certain amount of damage to Kevin the Dragon. Quests are daily game tasks. And referrals, well, you know what referrals are. But aside from that, no other social engagement required. No Discord events or re-tweeting or any of that sort of stuff that often comes with these campaigns.

This first play to airdrop event will start everyone on equal footing. No existing Hunter NFTs may be used. The game is open to everyone at no cost. All players begin with just a single, common, free Hunter, and must use that to earn points until they can acquire a premium Hunter.

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How to acquire a premium Hunter, you ask? Option One: Hold Genesis Hunters in your wallet by the time of the snapshot on May 27th, 3pm UTC. Players will receive one Premium Hunter for every Genesis Hunter they hold. Option 2: Participate and win in various contests and giveaways throughout the play to airdrop campaign. Option 3: Trade or Purchase one on the open market.

The team plans to hold an AMA sometime soon. Watch their social channels and join their Discord chat for more info.

different Hunter types in Hunters On-Chain

What is Hunters On-Chain

Hunters is a fantasy, top-down, casual, PVE action game with a couple of different game modes.

For PvE, each match features four players fighting monsters and leveling up. In Hunt mode, matches last for two minutes, with the top spot going to whoever has earned the most experience in that time, or whoever is the last survivor — whichever comes first. Each player starts the match at level 1 with full hit points. As they kill monsters and grab the stars that drop, players gain experience. Gain enough experience, and you level up, earning the right to choose between two, semi-random promotions. These promotions include standard power-ups such as increased damage, greater attack range, and more hit points, as well as special abilities like Damage Reflect and Demon Pact (sacrifice HP for more damage).

As the match goes on, the monsters get tougher. So players need to be active, get out on the battlefield, and increase their levels. At the center of the map lies a healing square that can be visited at any time.

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Other game modes include Boss Hunt, which requires players to try and defeat a Boss dragon after leveling up, and Bounty Hunter, which is a 10 character, FFA fight with no level-ups during the match.

Players earn BGEM tokens from playing matches. They can then use BGEM to purchase chests containing random artifacts and hunter shards or swap them for BOOM tokens. Players need BOOM tokens and Hunter Shards to level up their Hunters.

Hunters On-Chain can be played through a webpage, or with the official app on Android and iOS devices.

To learn more about Boomland Games and Hunters on-Chain, visit the Boomland website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Hunters On-Chain screenshotHunters On-Chain screenshot

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