zkSync Developers Announce the Launch of Exclusive zkSync Node Beta

zkSync, an L2 protocol offering low-cost and scalable payment solutions on Ethereum, has announced an exclusive development. The platform is introducing the beta version of its node to offer a comparatively streamlined setup procedure as well as decreased hardware requirements. The company took to X to provide the relevant details regarding the new version.

📣 We’re thrilled to announce the release of zkSync Node Beta! 📣

We are releasing the Beta version of our Node, which has a much-simplified setup process and lower hardware requirements!

The zkSync node is a read replica of the main node that anyone can run.


— zkSync Developers (∎, ∆) (@zkSyncDevs) May 13, 2024

zkSync Unveils zkSync Node Beta for Streamlined Developer Experience

It noted in its latest X post that the latest version will benefit the consumers with much-simplified operations. In addition to this, it will not pose any strict requirements regarding the hardware to function properly. Moreover, the company mentioned that the zkSync node runs as a read copy of the chief node. As per the firm, anyone can run the main node without any restriction.

Additionally, the company also described the features of the new version that aim to fulfill the requirements of the developers. It asserted that the beta version improves the developer experience to a great extent. According to zkSync, the new version possesses a convenient Docker setup. Along with that, the exclusive node version permits the clients to run parallel to the main node.

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The New Version Simplifies the Setup Procedures as well as Decreases the Hardware Requirements

In this respect, the Beta version lets the users maintain an up-to-date status concerning the main node. Furthermore, the customers can also have some other benefits that increase the node’s usability. zkSync pointed out that the users can operate the respective node on client hardware. With this facility, it provides more convenience in the utility of the node.

While moving on, the company revealed that it is focusing on unveiling a pruning feature. This would reportedly decrease the storage needs dealing with zkSync Node Beta. As included in the firm’s decentralization endeavors, it will reportedly allow its node to operate as a validator and sequencer.

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