Polkadot parachain Peaq receives major migrations from decentralized mapping projects

Polkadot-related Peaq, a layer-1 blockchain network tailored for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) and Real-World Assets (RWAs), saw adoption from two major DePIN projects, MapMetrics and Natix Network, last week.

MapMetrics migration

On April 25, Web3 drive-to-earn platform MapMetrics revealed that it was migrating from the Solana blockchain to Peaq to enjoy the several features accessible via the DePIN-focused network.

According to the firm, its migration would allow it to capitalize on Peaq’s seamless integration with other DePINs and its innovative Machine Composability feature. Other benefits identified include the synergy within Peaq’s growing enterprise ecosystem and utilizing the blockchain’s core DePIN functions and economics.

MapMetrics rewards users with tokens and NFTs in exchange for contributing anonymous real-time traffic and map data. The project aims to establish a decentralized global map leveraging Web3 technology.

Brent van der Heiden, the co-founder of MapMetrics, emphasized the necessity for a DePIN-centric environment, stating that Peaq fulfills this requirement and more. He highlighted Peaq’s transaction stability, robust machine data verification, and conducive economic model tailored for DePIN operations.

NATIX street mapping

On April 26, Peaq revealed NATIX Network’s successful integration of its IDs into its street-mapping DePIN. Peaq ID is a decentralized machine identity used on the layer1 network.

The testing phase saw NATIX effectively utilize Peaq IDs within its Drive& app, a platform dedicated to real-time geospatial data collection. NATIX assigned Peaq IDs to mobile devices within the app’s staging environment, allowing it to manage data flows effectively.

Moving forward, NATIX intends to delve deeper into the capabilities of Peaq IDs alongside other core functions like Peaq Access and Peaq Verify. By integrating Peaq Verify, a data verification framework, the network would enjoy heightened data integrity, which is crucial in safeguarding against potential misuse by malicious entities.

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Natix is a DePIN project that collects real-time mapping data through its mobile app, Drive&. The app lets users record mapping data using smartphone cameras and driver assistant applications like dashcams.

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