L2scan and B² Network Forge Strategic Partnership for Layer 2 Bitcoin Exploration

L2scan, a widely known platform for all tiger networks, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with B² Network, the world’s most prominent practical Bitcoin Layer2 Network. This partnership is a gigantic step forward as L2scan becomes the block explorer for the first time on the Layer 2 Bitcoin B² Network. The rollup block explorer is employed with AI technology by L2scan, providing users with summary and query chat options.

📢 Strategic partnership with B² Network 🎉

Starting today:
1️⃣ We are the official block explorer provider for the #Bitcoin Layer 2 B² Network.
Explore here: https://t.co/zyaVMExJAf

2️⃣ L2scan will be the official dApps portal for the @BSquaredNetwork Ecosystem.
We encourage… pic.twitter.com/xLNRgsZNQw

— L2scan (@l2scan) April 27, 2024

L2scan Enhances User Experience with Stronger Collaboration

AI-powered exploration is a stand-out feature of L2scan, made possible by AI technology. It is an essential feature that makes it easier for users to explore relevant information and navigate the platform with ease. L2scan also runs on Community. L2scan supports a community-powered environment where the UI is simplified and dev-tools strengthened to improve collaboration.

The project is transparent and open. Users can see the platform’s codebase since the system is open-source. L2scan is personalized. It means that users can customize their interaction with the system depending on their preferences.

A ranking system based on wallet address is also another feature of L2scan that provides insight into the engagement of user wallet addresses. The platform allows users to keep track of wallet addresses and the overall trend in the network. The data is also real-time, which means the rankings are regularly updated to the latest.

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L2scan and B² Network Enhance Layer 2 Network Navigation

In the exploration of decentralized applications, trust and reliability are of the importance. L2scan seeks to rewrite this narrative through the incorporation of verified listings and real-time metrics. The projects availed on L2scan are registered by the project owners.

Moreover, the dApps data is verified at the time of listing to landscape any scam. Data and rankings on L2scan are generated on chain data straight from dApp smart contracts. L2scan, in collaboration with the B² Network team, are poised to fuel innovation and development across the blockchain space.

The partnership is dedicated to ensuring that the exploration of Layer 2 Networks in B² Network is safe and guided. The advanced features, clear processes, and reliable data by L2scan in collaboration with B² Network will make Layer 2 navigation easier and safer in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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