Oasis Protocol Starts Working as an Exclusive Data Publisher on Synternet

Oasis Protocol, an open-source decentralized blockchain, has recently made a landmark development. The company has disclosed that Synternet, a prominent blockchain that drives interoperable infrastructure across top chains, is welcoming Oasis as a data publisher. The platform took to its account on X to reveal the latest achievement.

We are excited to share that @synternet_com now includes Oasis as a data publisher, offering Sapphire & Emerald data streams via the Data Layer Portal!

This enables developers to rapidly integrate real-time, confidential data into apps across finance, healthcare, and more 👏: https://t.co/tAk8HaWIcw

— Oasis (@OasisProtocol) April 26, 2024

Synternet Includes Oasis Protocol as a Distinctive Data Publisher

In its recent post, the company expressed its enthusiasm regarding this development. It mentioned that Oasis will offer Emerald and Sapphire data streams through Data Layer Portal on Synternet. As a result of this development, the developers will get significant benefits. They will swiftly integrate confidential and real-time data into applications across several departments.

Now, everyone can access the privacy-first blockchain of Oasis to get live data from Data Layer. The inclusion of Emerald and Sapphire data streams permits the developers to instantly deploy responsive and dynamic applications. Hence, the developers can begin their journey by delving into the real-time data that Oasis provides. In addition to this, they can get permissionless and rapid access.

In this respect, they would not require working with engineers or organizing an onboarding procedure. The data streams of Oasis will reportedly streamline the access to live data. Additionally, they will accelerate the procedure of real-time data inclusion into dApps. This allows for an active interaction within decentralized applications.

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Data Streams of Oasis Offer Use Cases for Diverse Departments

In the financial landscape, the builders could reportedly benefit from real-time transfer data to develop more secure and responsive trading forums. In healthcare, the accessible live data about patients could innovate remote observation and customized medicine apps. Oasis Saphire is the chief contributor to all this as its access makes these facilities possible.

The data streams of Oasis let the Data Layer fulfill the diverse market requirements that need confidential and real-time data. This takes into account support for decentralized artificial intelligence training, AI-driven dApp management, and prediction-based trading.

The Data Layer expands the respective AI features with its capability to train machine learning models rapidly. The exclusive features that Oasis Privacy Layer and Oasis Sapphire provide guarantee confidentiality and verifiability of computation. This unlocks likely use cases concerning privacy-driven AI across diverse industries.

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