Citizend Partners with Arbitrum to Empower Decentralized Project Launches

In the latest move, Citizend has partnered with the Arbitrum platform, bringing the era of community-driven project support to the ecosystem. The partnership gives every user the ability to influence what happens to upcoming projects within the ecosystem. Citizend was established as a cooperation from Outlier Ventures, the entity famous for speeding up more than 270 projects. Some of the projects include, Biconomy, XAI, and Fractal ID, where these successful projects have amassed 1.1 million verified users. The platform seeks to create a high-class space for the launch of projects, focusing on quality and using the community.

Happy to welcome @citizendxyz to Arbitrum to democratize support for projects in our ecosystem!

Arbinauts, this is your chance to choose the next wave of projects building the future of our chain💙🧡

— Arbitrum (💙,🧡) (@arbitrum) April 26, 2024

Citizend Revolutionizes Token Launch Decisions with Democratic System

Citizend is a platform where things are done differently, as opposed to traditional token launch systems. The platform allows users to safely determine which projects to launch and which ones to drop ideal in transforming launch decisions into a democratic system. Citizend is committed to facilitating secure and fair token launches.

Citizend introduces the Citizend Passport, an identity-based system allowing users to access various platforms within the ecosystem using a reusable platform. Users are able to access more than one platform without having to create multiple log-in credentials. The system operates via the use of the idOS technology, enhancing the user experience and data privacy.

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Arbitrum Partnership Empowers Citizend Users with Expanded Blockchain Opportunities

The emphasis of Citizend on pricing discovery and community distribution is another notable feature. Users can contribute to determining market prices and the allocation of tokens through Citizend. In addition to being user-centric, this system also nurtures a clear sense of ownership among users.

Moreover, another novelty development in this novel is working with Citizend through the Arbitrum platform. Thus, through this entity, the users will be able to offer so much in the blockchain sector and blockchain. Users on the Arbitrum network can access thousands of decentralized applications without paying any inherent charges. Many things can be done with this platform.

Lastly, the cooperation of Citizend and Arbitrum represents another milestone in the development of decentralized finance and blockchain. This platform provides the potential to reform the project support and token launch industries by giving users meaningful say. Therefore, Citizend has a bright future outlook.

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