Nimble Network Announces an Exclusive Collaboration with SocialScan

Nimble Network, a composable AI protocol, has initiated a new partnership. The company disclosed the latest joint endeavor with Socialscan, a next-generation blockchain exploring forum that utilizes artificial intelligence and operates under W3W. On its official account on the social media platform X, the company provided the details of the respective development.

Nimble is thrilled to announce our partnership with @socialscan_io!

SocialScan is leading the charge in redefining web3 UX through community-owned AI agents. Its mission is to accelerate the Advent of Data & AI Democratization.

Nimble’s partnership with SocialScan paves the way…

— Nimble Network (@Nimble_Network) April 25, 2024

Nimble Network Joins Forces with SocialScan

It expressed its enthusiasm regarding the new partnership. In addition to this, it discussed the nature of its collaborator SocialScan. The company reportedly operates as the top forum that focuses on redefining the user experience in the Web3 sector. As per Nimble, the company does this via the artificial intelligence agents that the community owns.

It added that SocialScan has an objective of expansion in the democratization of data and artificial intelligence. Keeping that in view, Nimble finds SocialScan as the most suitable platform for the partnership. It revealed that the collaboration between the two entities would potentially lead to exclusive possibilities. Hence, this development will result in new advancements concerning AI agents.

The Collaboration Focuses on Exploring the New Possibilities in the AI Industry

The respective factor enables the platform to harness top-notch data. Nimble has an important position among its fellow platforms based on its decentralized training as well as inference prowess. In line with these things, the consumers and developers can matchlessly benefit from SocialScan for the on-chain data.

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Moreover, they can take part in the AI journey driven by the community. According to Nimble, both firms are joining to explore an ethically sound and all-inclusive future of AI. Therefore, the current mutual effort emerges as evidence of the commitment that Nimble Network and SocialScan have made. The initiative offers new facilities to the consumers of both platforms as well as the overall community.

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